Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2002, 24(1) : 771-1065

Cells and Biological Membranes
  Resting microglial cells exhibit tubular membrane protrusions
    Ulrike Gimsa, Veronika Kralj-Iglic, Jan Gimsa, and Ales Iglic
    Pages : 771 |      PDF [360 K]
  Revealing alteration of membrane structures during ischema using impedance spectroscopy
    Mihaela Gheorghiu, and Eberhard Gersing
    Pages : 777 |       PDF [860 K]
  Can molecular properties of human red blood cells be accessed by electrorotation?
    Jutiporn Sudsiri, Derk Wachner, Jutta Donath and Jan Gimsa
    Pages : 785 |       PDF [825 K]
  Impedance spectroscopy in biodynamics: Detection of specific cells (pathogens) using immune coated electrodes
    Eugen Gheorghiu, Daniel Andreescu, Mariana Oporanu, Mihaela Gheorghiu, Sorin Cazacu, Corina Balut, and Alexandru Ursu
    Pages : 791 |       PDF [405 K]
  Elastic constant of Dendrobium protoplasts in AC electric fields
    Pikul Wanichapichart, Kanokkarn Maswiwat, and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom
    Pages : 799 |       PDF [993 K]
Preparation and Characterization
  Preparation and characterization of interfacial polymerised membrane from 3,5-diaminobenzoic acid
    Abdul Latif Ahmad, Boon Seng Ooi, and Jyoti Prosad Choudhury
    Pages : 807 |       PDF [376 K]
  Effect of polysulfone concentration on the performance of membrane-assisted lead acid battery
    Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, and Wan Ahmad Hafiz
    Pages : 815 |       PDF [1,075 K]
  Effect of sintering temperature on the morphology and mechanical properties of PTFE membranes as a base substrate for proton exchange membrane
    Nor Aida Zubir, and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
    Pages : 823 |       PDF [1,003 K]
  Effects of dope extrusion rate on the morphology and gas separation performance of asymmetric polysulfone hollow fiber membranes for O2/N2 separation
    Ahmad Fausi Ismail, Suhaina Mohd Ibrahim, and Nor Shawal Bin Nasri
    Pages : 833 |       PDF [817 K]
  Development and characterization of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon hollow fiber membrane
    Syed Mohd Saufi, and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
    Pages : 843 |       PDF [861 K]
  Characterization of cellulose membranes produced by Acetobacter xyllinum
    Pikul Wanichapichart, Sanae Kaewnopparat, Khemmarat Buaking, and Waravut Puthai
    Pages : 855 |       PDF [486 K]
  Nuclear track-etched pore membrane production using neutrons from the Thai research reactor TRR-1/M1
    Thawat Chittrakarn, Tripob Bhongsuwan, Pikul Wanichapichart, Paiboon Nuanuin, Somporn Chongkum, Areerat Khonduangkaew, and Sunaree Bordeepong
    Pages : 863 |       PDF [654 K]
  Elaboration of porous poly(ether-imide) membrane using vapor induced phase separation
    Lanoizele Elodie, Deratani Andre, Menut Paul, Pochat-Bohatier Celine, and Dupuy Claude
    Pages : 871 |       PDF [464 K]
Processes and Assessment
  Effect of shear rate on the performance of nanofiltration membrane for water desalination
    Ahmad Fausi Ismail, Abdul Rahman Hassan, and Ng Be Cheer
    Pages : 879 |       PDF [560 K]
  Pre-treatment and membrane ultrafiltration using treated palm oil mill effluent (POME)
    Wong Pui Wah, Nik Meriam Sulaiman, Meenakshisundaram Nachiappan, and Balaraman Varadaraj
    Pages : 891 |       PDF [470 K]
  Vibratory shear enhanced membrane process and its application in starch wastewater recycle
    Kazi Sarwar Hasan, Chettiyappan Visvanathan, Prapan Ariyamethee, Sumaporn Chantaraaumporn, and Pongchakas Moongkhumklang
    Pages : 899 |       PDF [507 K]
  Facilitated transport near the carrier saturation limit
    Anawat Sungpet, Songpol Wongirung, Veerapol Seearamroongruang, and Natcha Kamphangseree
    Pages : 907 |       PDF [315 K]
  The use of dead-end and cross-flow nanofiltration to purify prebiotic oligosaccharides from reaction mixtures
    Alistair S. Grandison, Athanasios K. Goulas, and Robert A. Rastall
    Pages : 915 |       PDF [391 K]
  The effects of physicochemical changes on critical flux of skimmed milk ultrafiltration
    Wirote Yourvaong, Alistair Steven Grandison, and Michael John Lewis
    Pages : 929 |       PDF [356 K]
  Study on the retentivity of the volatile components of simulated guava juice using ultrafiltration
    Saad Hashim Khalil, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua, and Nik Meriam Sulaiman
    Pages : 941 |       PDF [322 K]
  Cake layer reduction by gas sparging cross flow ultrafiltration of skim latex serum
    Harunsyah Nik Meriam Sulaiman, and Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua
    Pages : 947 |       PDF [435 K]
  Study on the influence of applied voltage and feed concentration on the performance of electrodeionization
    Yohanes Ervan, and I Gede Wenten
    Pages : 955 |       PDF [597 K]
Applications and Equipment
  Removal of heavy metals from electroplating wastewater by membrane
    Galaya Srisuwan, and Poonpetch Thongchai
    Pages : 965 |       PDF [382 K]
  Potential use of nanofiltration membrane in treatment of wastewater from fish and surimi industries
    Wu Ta Yeong, Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Nurina Anuar, and Rakmi Abdul Rahman
    Pages : 977 |       PDF [426 K]
  Oxygen enriched air using membrane for palm oil wastewater treatment
    Ramlah Mohd Tajuddin, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, and Mohd Razman Salim
    Pages : 989 |       PDF [453 K]
  Construction of a dead-end type micro- to R.O. membrane test cell and performance test with the laboratory-made and commercial membranes
    Darunee Bhongsuwan, Tripob Bhongsuwan, and Jamras Na-Suwan
    Pages : 999 |       PDF [572 K]
  Recent development in membrane science and its industrial applications
    I Gede Wenten
    Pages : 1009 |       PDF [341 K]
  Latest development on the membrane formation for gas separation
    Ahmad Fausi Ismail, Norida Ridzuan, and Sunarti Abdul Rahman
    Pages : 1025 |       PDF [484 K]
  Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for the characterization of membranes: A short review
    Hwang, L.C., and Thorsten Wohland
    Pages : 1045 |       PDF [15,090 K]
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