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Postdoctoral Fellowship Announcement

      Prince of Songkla University (PSU) is proud to announce the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. The establishment of this program is aimed to enhance the research capabilities of recent Ph.D. graduates as they can continue their research activities under an experienced supervisor. This will give young researchers the opportunity to do high quality research work and also to be more independent in their research. Moreover, the grant will enhance the capabilities of the PSU National Research University clusters and naturally increase the number of international publications. See the announcement and application forms below.


     1. Has completed a doctoral degree.
     2. Has in-depth experiences and continuous research projects that is widely-accepted among the academia based on the publications in the past 5 year, and must be a corresponding author of at least 5 publications indexed in Web of Science.
     3. Has potential and experiences in research project management.
     4. Possesses experiences in supervising Master and Doctoral theses during the past 5 years.
     5. Currently conducting a research project and has sufficient funding to support the postdoctoral researchers and the funding has to cover the postdoctoral researchers’ working period at least 1 year.

     1. Not be over 45 years of age.
     2. Be a Thai or foreign researcher who holds a doctoral degree and has not graduated more than 5 years. (equivalent diploma or degree not accepted)
     3. Be the first author of at least 2 research articles published in Web of Science journals during the last 5 years.
     4. The research topic of postdoctoral fellow must be related to supervisor’s research areas.
     5. be able to work full time.
     6. not currently receive any postdoctoral fellowship from other domestic or international institutions.

Applications are accepted 3 times per year:

     Round 1 : October 1 - January 31

     Round 2: February 1 - May 31

     Round 3: June 1 - July 30


Download Form

1. Announcement

2. Application Form

2.1 Application Form A - Postdoctoral Fellow Applicant

2.2 Application Form B - Supervisor

3. Research Fund Agreement for Post Doctoral

4. Progress Report




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or send questions to Mrs. Arom Rattanasuvan

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