Research publications is usually an indicator to rank the quality of a university.  In Thailand, PSU is currently ranked number 5 according to ISI database and number 6 according to Scopus database. In an effort to achieve higher ranking, PSU has created publication campaigns, as follow:

Postdoctoral Fellowship


      A qualifying candidate for the postdoctoral fellowship must be: having completed Ph.D. program no more the 5 years; no more than 45 years of age; a PSU or outside researcher, including foreign researcher. PSU provides 30,000 Baths/month within the first 2 years of receiving the fellowship. The researcher must produce a manuscript that can be published in international publications at least one article a year.

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Page Charge


        Besides the above awards, PSU also provides 50% reimbursement for the Page Charge or Open Access, collected by the journals for publication process, only for those published in international publications in ISI or Scopus databases.

- 50% reimbursement but no more than 10,000 Baths for publications in 
ISIS database.

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Publication Clinic



   Publication Clinic has a duty to facilitate the publication of research manuscripts the publications that are in the international databases, such as ISI or Scopus.

     PC has recruited international editors to help edit manuscripts from all disciplines, without any cost to the researchers, in hope to speed up the process of being considered for the target publications.

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Research Publication Awards


        In order to inspire the researchers to publish their work in both national and international publications, PSU has come up with cash awards for publications in the following 4 categories: 13,000 Baths for publications in ISIS database; 10,000 Baths for publications in Scopus database; 7,500 Baths for publications in journals in other international databases; 3,000 Baths for publications in national journals. Other criteria include additional 18,00 Baths for the first-time published work of the researcher; additional 30,00 Baths for the first published work of humanities and social science discipline; additional 3,000 Baths for each article published in ISIS database and receives Impact Factor Indicator over 3; additional 2,000 Baths for each article that is cited in 3 different university journals.

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PSU Journals


     Since 1979, PSU has supported research publication by creating PSU journals. In the beginning, besides academic articles, the journals also included news and academic news as well. In 1981, Professor Vijarn Panit, M.D., served as a chief editor who reformed the format of the journals into a complete academic journal, which published only academic articles. The journals also emphasized quality of the articles to be published and accepted both articles from all around Thailand and other countries. The journals were published quarterly (4 publications/year). However, since the journals accepted articles from all disciplines, the publication offers too much diversity in content. Therefore, in 1992, the university divided the journals into 3 disciplines – science and technology, medicine and social science and humanities.

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