Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2017, 39(2) : 137-268

  Effects of water salinity on hatching of egg, growth and survival of larvae and fingerlings of snake head fish, Channa striatus
    Thumronk Amornsakun, Vuong Hung Vo, Nirattisai Petchsupa, Tan Min Pau, and Anuar bin Hassan
    Pages : 137 |      PDF [ 268 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.16
  Effects of intermediate principal stress on creep closure of storage caverns in Maha Sarakham salt
    Sarayuth Archeeploha, Supattra Khamrat, and Kittitep Fuenkajorn
    Pages : 143 |      PDF [ 1,227 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.17
  Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy based metabolomicsto identify novel biomarkers of alcohol-dependence
    Hamza Mostafa, Arwa M. Amin, Nor Hayati Arif, Vikneswaran a/l Murugaiyah, and Baharudin Ibrahim
    Pages : 153 |      PDF [ 543 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.18
  Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Rafflesia kerrii extract against multidrug-resistant bacteria
    Chokchai Chuangchot, Unchalee Tattawasart, Bungorn Sripanidkulchai, Jintana Junlatat, and Niramai Fangkrathok
    Pages : 163 |       PDF [ 887 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.19
  A hybrid particle swarm optimization-SVM classification for automatic cardiac auscultation
    Prasertsak Charoen, Waree Kongprawechnon, and Kanokvate Tungpimolrut
    Pages : 171 |       PDF [ 451 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.20
  The development of 2 acetyl-1-pyrroline (2-AP) in Thai aromatic coconut
    Nopporn Jaroonchon, Krisana Krisanapook, and Wachiraya Imsabai
    Pages : 179 |       PDF [ 484 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.21
  Stress tolerance attributes and yield based selection of potato genotypes for water stress environment
    Abdullah-Al-Mahmud, Md. Mofazzal Hossain, Mohammad Zakaria, M.A. Khaleque Mian, M. Abdul Karim, and Mohammad Hossain
    Pages : 185 |       PDF [ 492 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.22
  Preliminary assessment of land–air energy transfers in tropical forest and agro-ecosystems
    Arika Bridhikitti, Chayunwut Chaihanit, and Panitan Thamapan
    Pages : 195 |       PDF [ 1,287 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.23
  Development and validation of a Thai stressful life events rating scale for patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenic methamphetamine abuse
    Ek-uma Imkome, JintanaYunibhand, and Waraporn Chaiyawat
    Pages : 205 |      PDF [ 1,118 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.24
  Physiological traits contributing to carbon storage variation in Monastery bamboo and Pai Liang in northeastern Thailand
    Nisa Leksungnoen
    Pages : 215 |      PDF [ 3,096 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.25
  Ovarian histology and reproductive health of short mackerel, Rastrelliger brachysoma (Bleeker, 1851), as threatened marine fish in Thailand
    Sinlapachai Senarat, Wannee Jiraungkoorskul, and Jes Kettratad
    Pages : 225 |      PDF [ 6,190 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.26
  Beneficial effects of young coconut juice on preserving neuronal cell density, lipid, renal and liver profiles in ovariectomized rats: A preliminary study
    Kolip Payanglee, Pennapa Chonpathompikunlert, Thammarat Panityakul, and Nisaudah Radenahmad
    Pages : 237 |      PDF [ 858 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.27
  Response surface optimization of ethanol production from banana peels by organic acid hydrolysis and fermentation
    Sininart Chongkhong
    Pages : 245 |      PDF [ 683 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.28
  Influence of packaging and storage conditions on quality parameters and shelf life of solar-dried banana
    Nina Phothapaeree, Naon Jarusaksakul, Anongnat Somwangthanaroj, and Kanitha Tananuwong
    Pages : 253 |      PDF [ 770 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.29
  Biological activity of Penaeus monodon GILT in shrimp pathogen protection
    Aekkaraj Nualla-ong, Hirun Saelim, Kittima Kongton, and Amornrat Phongdara
    Pages : 261 |      PDF [ 1,465 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2017.30


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