Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2016, 38(5) : 453-598

  Development and psychometric testing of the Chinese nurses job satisfaction scale
    Ying Liu, Yupin Aungsuroch, and Jintana Yunibhand
    Pages : 453 |      PDF [ 345 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.61
  Chemometric classification of pigmented rice varieties based on antioxidative properties in relation to color
    Phaiwan Pramai and Sudarat Jiamyangyuen
    Pages : 463 |      PDF [ 405 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.62
  Potential of xylose-fermented yeast isolated from sugarcane bagasse waste for xylitol production
using hydrolysate as carbon source
    Kusumawadee Thancharoen, Sirirat Deeseenthum, and Kanit Vichitphan
    Pages : 473 |      PDF [ 738 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.63
  Identification of material parameters for springback prediction using cyclic tension–compression test
    Thaweesak Phongsai, Weerapong Julsri, Bunyong Chongthairungruang, Surasak Suranuntchai, Suwat Jirathearanat, and Vitoon Uthaisangsuk
    Pages : 485 |       PDF [ 1,053 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.64
  New data on the domestication of the two subspecies indica and japonica of the Asian cultivated rice (Oryza sativa) during the Dvaravati Period in Thailand and Lao PDR
    Preecha Prathepha
    Pages : 495 |       PDF [ 2,950 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.65
  A comparative study of stearyl aromatic esters and aromatic oil as processing aids in natural rubber compounds
    Charoen Pakhathirathien, Kulphanan Pearuang, Adisai Rungvichaniwat, Azizon Kaesaman, and Charoen Nakason
    Pages : 501 |       PDF [ 445 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.66
  Performance analysis of preemptive priority retrial queue with immediate Bernoulli feedback under working vacations and vacation interruption
    Pakkirisami Rajadurai, Saravanan Yuvarani, and Mookkaiya Chandran Saravanarajan
    Pages : 507 |       PDF [ 639 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.67
  A covariance matrix test for high-dimensional data
    Saowapha Chaipitak and Samruam Chongcharoen
    Pages : 521 |       PDF [ 365 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.68
  The Topp-Leone generator of distributions: properties and inferences
    Yuwadee Sangsanit and Winai Bodhisuwan
    Pages : 537 |      PDF [ 671 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.69
  Tumor necrosis factor alpha of teleosts: in silico characterization and homology modeling
    Tran Ngoc Tuan, Wang Gui-Tang, and Pham Minh Duc
    Pages : 549 |      PDF [ 635 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.70
  An interactive web-based design system for rubber injection mold: Automotive rubber parts
    Chamnarn Thongmark and Jariyaporn Onwong
    Pages : 559 |      PDF [ 818 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.71
  Bivariate copulas on the exponentially weighted moving average control chart
    Sasigarn Kuvattana, Piyapatr Busababodhin, Yupaporn Areepong, and Saowanit Sukparungsee
    Pages : 569 |      PDF [ 292 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.72
  Tectaria kehdingiana (Kuhn) M.G. Price (Tectariaceae), a lesser-known species from Peninsular Thailand
    Sirisak Wongphakdee, Thaweesakdi Boonkerd, and Rossarin Pollawatn
    Pages : 575 |      PDF [ 1,331 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.73
  The study on χ3 sequence spaces
    Subramanian Nagarajan and Ayhan Esi
    Pages : 581 |      PDF [ 319 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.74
  Design factors affecting losses and power consumption of an axial flow corn shelling unit
    Waree Srison, Somchai Chuan-udom, and Khwantri Saengprachatanarug
    Pages : 591 |      PDF [ 1,718 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.75


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