Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2016, 38(3) : 229-341

  Inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase from Dioscorea bulbifera
    Prapaporn Chaniad, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, Somsak Pianwanit, and Supinya Tewtrakul
    Pages : 229 |      PDF [ 1,011 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.31
  Influence of welding current in resistance spot welding on the properties of Zn coated steel DX51D
    Luboš Kaščák, Ján Viňáš, and Rudolf Mišičko
    Pages : 237 |      PDF [ 9,665 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.32
  Social network analysis on mangrove ecosystem management of Welu Basin, Thailand
    Thak Thongphubate and Tantus Piekkoontod
    Pages : 243 |      PDF [ 455 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.33
  Effects of fruit thinning on fruit drop, leaf carbohydrates concentration, fruit carbohydrates concentration, leaf nutrient concentration and fruit quality in Pummelo cultivar Thong Dee
    Pongnart Nartvaranant
    Pages : 249 |       PDF [ 327 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.34
  Malaria detection using mathematical theory of evidence
    Andino Maseleno and Glenn Hardaker
    Pages : 257 |       PDF [ 928 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.35
  Spectrum and fine spectrum of the lower triangular matrix B (r,s,t ) over the sequence space cs
    Rituparna Das and Binod Chandra Tripathy
    Pages : 265 |       PDF [ 380 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.36
  Changes of androgen receptor expression in stages VII-VIII seminiferous tubules of rat testis after exposure to methamphetamine
    Sutita Nudmamud-Thanoi, Nareelak Tangsrisakda, and Samur Thanoi
    Pages : 275 |       PDF [ 2,269 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.37
  Isolation, expression analysis and characterization of EgNDL, a NDR-like protein in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)
    Kedsirin Ruttajorn, Alisa Nakkaew, Tanate Panrat, Arunrut Vanichanon, and Amornrat Phongdara
    Pages : 281 |       PDF [ 3,013 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.38
  Impact of sepak takraw practice on inflammatory markers in male athletes
    Supaporn Silalertdetkul
    Pages : 289 |      PDF [ 298 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.39
  Levan-type fructooligosaccharide production using Bacillus licheniformis RN-01 levansucrase Y246S immobilized on chitosan beads
    Surawut Sangmanee, Santhana Nakapong, Rath Pichyangkura, and Kamontip Kuttiyawong
    Pages : 295 |      PDF [ 969 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.40
  Direct and maternal genetic trend estimates for body weight traits of Iran-Black Sheep using multivariate animal models
    Javad Ahmadpanah, Hasan Baneh, and Chia Kohnepoushi
    Pages : 305 |      PDF [ 391 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.41
  Southern Thailand Bryophytes III: A preliminary study on non-epiphyllous taxa in lowland areas
    Tamás Pócs and Sahut Chantanaorrapint
    Pages : 311 |      PDF [ 5,813 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.42
  Characteristics of axisymmetric viscous incompressible flow passing a torus rotating about its centerline
    Pairin Suwannasri
    Pages : 319 |      PDF [ 660 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.43
  Response of methane emissions, redox potential, and pH to eucalyptus biochar and rice straw addition in a paddy soil
    Nipa Thammasom, Patma Vityakon, and Patcharee Saenjan
    Pages : 325 |      PDF [ 1,193 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.44
  Immobilization of Saccharomyces Cerevisae cells on water hyacinth stem pieces and application to repeated batch fermentation for ethanol production
    Le Nhu Ngoc Ta, Thi Hong Chau Nguyen, and Van Viet Man Le
    Pages : 333 |      PDF [ 867 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.45


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