Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2016, 38(2) : 119-228

  New types of bipolar fuzzy sets in Γ-semihypergroups
    Naveed Yaqoob, Muhammad Aslam, Inayatur Rehman, and Mohammed M. Khalaf
    Pages : 119 |      PDF [ 548 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.16
  Effect of pectin particles and cotton fibers on properties of thermoplastic cassava starch composites
    Jutarat Prachayawarakorn and Worawan Pattanasin
    Pages : 129 |      PDF [ 1,117 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.17
  Assessing pathogenicity potential of H5N1 avian influenza virus strains isolated from Indonesian waterfowl in chickens and Balb-c ice
    R. Susanti
    Pages : 137 |      PDF [ 8,152 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.18
  On the class of p-absolutely summable sequence \ell\,i (p) of interval numbers
    Amar Jyoti Dutta and Binod Chandra Tripathy
    Pages : 143 |       PDF [ 293 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.19
  Causality pattern of the blood lead, monoamine oxidase A, and serotonin levels in brass home industry workers chronically exposed to lead
    Aditya Marianti, A. Anies, and Henna Rya Sunoko Abdurachim
    Pages : 147 |       PDF [ 317 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.20
  Hypocholesterolemic mechanism of phenolics-enriched extract from Moringa oleifera leaves in HepG2 cell lines
    Peera Tabboon, Bungorn Sripanidkulchai, and Kittisak Sripanidkulchai
    Pages : 155 |       PDF [ 763 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.21
  Concentration of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) of Asian catfish oil by urea complexation: optimization of reaction conditions
    Pornpisanu Thammapat, Sirithon Siriamornpun, and Patcharin Raviyan
    Pages : 163 |       PDF [ 519 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.22
  An alternative method for logistic regression on contingency tables with zero cell counts
    Nurin Dureh, Chamnein Choonpradub, and Phattrawan Tongkumchum
    Pages : 171 |       PDF [ 539 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.23
  Suitable conditions for xylanases activities from Bacillus sp. GA2(1) and Bacillus sp. GA1(6) and their properties for agricultural residues hydrolysis
    Sudathip Chantorn, Chanitchote Piyapittayanun, Phataraporn Khumphai, Srisuda Pannanusorn, Kulwadee Phannachet, and Jirawan Apiraksakorn
    Pages : 177 |      PDF [ 822 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.24
  Effects of roof modifications on growth performance and physiological changes of crossbred beef heifers (Bos indicus)
    Titaporn Khongdee
    Pages : 183 |      PDF [ 357 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.25
  A short term outcomes of pharmaceutical care in Thai patients with schizophrenia: a randomized controlled trial
    Juntip Kanjanasilp and Chanuttha Ploylearmsang
    Pages : 189 |      PDF [ 282 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.26
  On (m, n)-ideals and (m, n)-regular ordered semigroups
    Limpapat Bussaban and Thawhat Changphas
    Pages : 199 |      PDF [ 401 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.27
  Increase in production of biosurfactant from Oceanobacillus sp. BRI 10 using low cost substrates
    Priyanka Parhi, VipraVijay Jadhav, and Rama Bhadekar
    Pages : 207 |      PDF [ 435 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.28
  Diversity and conservation status of small mammals in Kelantan, Malaysia
    Jayaraj Vijaya Kumaran, Faisal Ali Anwarali Khan, Isham Azhar, Ean Wee Chen, Mohd Rohanif Mohd Ali, Amirrudin Ahmad, and Azrinaaini Mohd Yusoff
    Pages : 213 |      PDF [ 493 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.29
  Gasification of municipal solid waste in a downdraft gasifier: Analysis of tar formation
    Tabitha Geoffrey Etutu, Krongkaew Laohalidanond, and Somrat Kerdsuwan
    Pages : 221 |      PDF [ 959 KB]
           DOI : 10.14456/sjst-psu.2016.30


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