Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2015, 37(6) : 609-749

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Fatty acid profiles and carotenoids accumulation in hepatopancreas and ovary of wild female mud crab (Scylla paramamosain, Estampador, 1949)
    Chutima Tantikitti, Rachada Kaonoona, and Juadee Pongmaneerat
    Pages : 609 |      PDF [ 1,074 KB]
  Gut bacterial community structure of two Australian tropical fruit fly species (Diptera: Tephritidae)
    Narit Thaochan, Richard A.I. Drew, Anuchit Chinajariyawong, Anurag Sunpapao, and Chaninun Pornsuriya
    Pages : 617 |      PDF [ 433 KB]
  Stability studies of isothiocyanates and nitriles in aqueous media
    Vijitra Luang-In and John Trevor Rossiter
    Pages : 625 |      PDF [ 562 KB]
  Growth responses of Brassica juncea to phosphorus application from different sources of fertilizer under salt stress
    Badar-uz-Zaman, Arshad Ali, Mehwish Khan Huma, M.Arshadullah, and Imdad Ali Mahmood
    Pages : 631 |       PDF [ 288 KB]
  Rate and application methods of potassium in light soil for irrigated spring wheat
    Akbar Hossain, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, and M. Bodruzzaman
    Pages : 635 |       PDF [ 744 KB]
  Effect of fertilizer and dolomite applications on growth and yield of tapping rubber trees
    Issariyaporn Damrongrak, Jumpen Onthong, and Chairatna Nilnond
    Pages : 643 |       PDF [ 365 KB]
  Isolation and characterization of a phosphate solubilizing heavy metal tolerant bacterium from River Ganga, West Bengal, India
    Dipak Paul and Sankar Narayan Sinha
    Pages : 651 |       PDF [ 425 KB]

Engineering and Industrial Researches
  QFD-based conceptual design of an autonomous underwater robot
    Thip Pasawang, Theerayuth Chatchanayuenyong, and Worawat Sa-Ngiamvibool
    Pages : 659 |       PDF [ 1,595 KB]
  A robust cellular associative memory for pattern recognitions using composite trigonometric chaotic neuron models
    Wimol San-Um
    Pages : 699 |      PDF [ 1,021 KB]
  Application of 2D electrical resistivity tomography to engineering projects: Three case studies
    Rungroj Arjwech and Mark E. Everett
    Pages : 675 |      PDF [ 3,285 KB]
  Effects of cyclic shear loads on strength, stiffness and dilation of rock fractures
    Thanakorn Kamonphet, Supattra Khamrat, and Kittitep Fuenkajorn
    Pages : 683 |      PDF [ 2,275 KB]

Environmental and Natural Sciences
  Land use change using satellite image and digital terrain model data, Case Study in Khlong Kui watershed, Prachuap Khiri Khan province (Thailand)
    Patchareeya Chaikaew
    Pages : 691 |      PDF [ 2,773 KB]

Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  The zero inflated negative binomial – Crack distribution: some properties and parameter estimation
    Pornpop Saengthong, Winai Bodhisuwan, and Ampai Thongteeraparp
    Pages : 701 |      PDF [ 468 KB]
  Design and implementation of microwave attenuation measurements to estimate the dry rubber content of natural rubber latex
    Pattara Aiyarak and Piti Sunheem
    Pages : 713 |      PDF [ 1,611 KB]
  Locality effects on bifurcation paradigm of L-H transition in tokamak plasmas
    Boonyarit Chatthong and Thawatchai Onjun
    Pages : 719 |      PDF [ 1,496 KB]

    Pages : 727 |      PDF [ 124 KB]
Authors Index
    Pages : 741 |      PDF [ 121 KB]
Keywords Index
    Pages : 745 |      PDF [ 179 KB]


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