Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2015, 37(2) : 109-246

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Effects of different finishing feeding strategies for culled cows on lipid and organoleptic characteristics of the meat
    Thanaporn Bunmee, Sanchai Jaturasitha, Michael Wicke, and Michael Kreuzer
    Pages : 109 |      PDF [ 284 KB]
  Development of di-nucleotide microsatellite markers and construction of genetic linkage map in mango (Mangifera indica L.)
    Chataporn Chunwongse, Chalermpol Phumichai, Pumipat Tongyoo, Narisa Juejun, and Julapark Chunwongse
    Pages : 119 |      PDF [ 640 KB]
  Effect of feeding frequency and various shelter of blue swimming crab larvae, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758)
    Vutthichai Oniam, Wasana Arkronrat, and Norhasmariza Binti Mohamed
    Pages : 129 |      PDF [ 960 KB]
  Larval culture and rearing techniques of commercially important crab, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758): Present status and future prospects
    Mohamad N Azra and Mhd Ikhwanuddin
    Pages : 135 |       PDF [ 310 KB]
  Taxonomic assessment of seaweed community from the coastal areas of Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
    Mohd Hafizbillah Zawawi, Mohd Hanafi Idris, Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, and Wong Sing King
    Pages : 147 |       PDF [ 393 KB]

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Silymarin inhibits cisplatin-mediated apoptosis via inhibition of hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical generation
    Angkana Tantituvanont, Pacharaporn Jiamchaisri, Preedakorn Chunhacha, Kanittha Pongjit, Chuanpit Ninsontia, Kulwara Meksawan, Boonchoo Sritularak, and Pithi Chanvorachote
    Pages : 155 |       PDF [ 780 KB]
  Ginseng extract G115 improves locomotor function in rotenone-induced parkinsonism rats via an antioxidant effect
    Pailin Euaruksakul, Rossarin Tansawat, and Ratchanee Rodsiri
    Pages : 163 |       PDF [ 819 KB]

Engineering and Industrial Research
  Mapping temporal extent of Chiang Mai floods using coupled 1-D and quasi 2-D floodplain inundation models
    Kowit Boonrawd and Chatchai Jothityangkoon
    Pages : 171 |       PDF [ 1,188 KB]
  Validation of Indian standard code provisions for fire resistance of flexural elements
    Aneesha Balaji, Praveen Nagarajan, and Madhavan Pillai
    Pages : 183 |      PDF [ 723 KB]
  Effect of starch types on properties of biodegradable polymer based on thermoplastic starch process by injection molding technique
    Yossathorn Tanetrungroj and Jutarat Prachayawarakorn
    Pages : 193 |      PDF [ 1,777 KB]
  Cotton dust ash from spining texttle industry as a secondary material in concrete
    Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya
    Pages : 201 |      PDF [ 1,477 KB]
  Factors affecting road users’ satisfaction: the case of Motorway Route 7
    Suthathip Suanmali, Kasidis Chankao, Paphitchaya Korbsanthia, and Veeris Ammarapala
    Pages : 209 |      PDF [ 716 KB]
  Optimized ready mixed concrete truck scheduling for uncertain factors using bee algorithm
    Nuntana Mayteekrieangkrai and Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn
    Pages : 221 |      PDF [ 900 KB]
  Confidence intervals for the difference and the ratio of Lognormal means with bounded parameters
    Sa-aat Niwitpong
    Pages : 231 |      PDF [ 328 KB]
  Contrast enhancement of fingerprint images using intuitionistic type II fuzzy set
    Devarasan Ezhilmaran and Manickam Adhiyaman
    Pages : 241 |      PDF [ 1,626 KB]


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