Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2013, 35(6) : 615-784

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Vegetative compatibility group of Fusarium solani pathogenic to tobacco plant in peninsular Malaysia
    Mohd Norhafeez bin Jusoh, Nabihah binti Mohd Zin, and Hideyuki Nagao
    Pages : 615 |      PDF [304 K]

Biotechnology and Agro-Industry
  Extracellular cold active lipase from the psychrotrophic Halomonas sp. BRI 8 isolated from the Antarctic sea water
    Vipra Vijay Jadhav, Swanandi Suresh Pote, Amit Yadav, Yogesh S Shouche, and Rama Kaustubh Bhadekar
    Pages : 623 |       PDF [553 K]
  Dicarbonyl compounds and sugar contents of Thai commercial beverages
    Monthana Weerawatanakorn
    Pages : 631 |       PDF [587 K]
  Effect of banana peel cellulose as a dietary fiber supplement on baking and sensory qualities of butter cake
    Chiraporn Sodchit, Worasit Tochampa, Teeraporn Kongbangkerd, and Riantong Singanusong
    Pages : 641 |       PDF [653 K]
  Molecular approaches for bacterial azoreductases
    Montira Leelakriangsak
    Pages : 647 |       PDF [431 K]

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Anti-HIV-1 integrase and anti-allergic activities of Bauhinia strychnifolia
    Kingkan Bunluepuech, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, Fameera Madaka, and Supinya Tewtrakul
    Pages : 659 |       PDF [288 K]
  Anti-HIV-1 integrase activity of compounds from Cassia garrettiana heartwood
    Kingkan Bunluepuech, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, and Supinya Tewtrakul
    Pages : 665 |       PDF [294 K]

Engineering and Industrial Research
  Study of heat transfer on front– and back-vented brake discs
    Supachai Lakkam, Kullayot Suwantaroj, Phupoom Puangcharoenchai, Songwut Mongkonlerdmanee, and Saiprasit Koetniyom
    Pages : 671 |      PDF [2,728 K]
  Simultaneous removal of CO2 and H2S using MEA solution in a packed column absorber for biogas upgrading
    Preecha Kasikamphaiboon, Juntima Chungsiriporn, Charun Bunyakan, and Wisitsree Wiyaratn
    Pages : 683 |       PDF [463 K]
  Microstructure and mechanical properties of microwave-assisted heating of pozzolan-Portland cement paste at a very early stage
    Natt Makul and Dinesh Kumar Agrawal
    Pages : 693 |       PDF [2,500 K]
  Synthesizing of oil palm empty fruit bunch lignin derivatives and potential use for production of linerboard coating
    Danupong Narapakdeesakul, Waranyou Sridach, and Thawien Wittaya
    Pages : 705 |       PDF [551 K]
  Effective fuzzy multi–objective model based on perfect grouping for manufacturing cell formation with setup cost constrained of machine duplication
    Wuttinan Nunkaew and Busaba Phruksaphanrat
    Pages : 715 |       PDF [638 K]

Environmental and Natural Science
  Evaluation of carbaryl sorption in alluvial soil
    Naba Kumar Mondal, Soumya Chattoraj, Bikash Sadhukhan, and Biswajit Das
    Pages : 727 |      PDF [1,226 K]
  Coastal erosion and accretion in Pak Phanang, Thailand by GIS analysis of maps and satellite imagery
    Sayedur Rahman Chowdhury and Nitin Kumar Tripathi
    Pages : 739 |      PDF [921 K]

Physical Science and Mathematics
  Estimators in simple random sampling: Searls approach
    Jirawan Jitthavech and Vichit Lorchirachoonkul
    Pages : 749 |       PDF [405 K]

    Pages : 761 |       PDF [176 K]
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    Pages : 776 |       PDF [212 K]
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    Pages : 780 |       PDF [147 K]


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