Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2013, 35(5) : 501-611

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Improving inland culture performance of juvenile sea cucumbers, Holothuria scabra, by co-culture with red tilapia
    Pimsai Sithisak, Pattira Pongtippatee, and Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul
    Pages : 501 |      PDF [996 K]
  Estimation of body weight from body measurements in four breeds of Iranian sheep
    Farhad Hosseinzadeh Shirzeyli, Abolghasem Lavvaf, and Asad Asadi
    Pages : 507 |      PDF [249 K]
  Note on Adiantum hispidulum (Pteridaceae), a new record species to Fern Flora of Thailand
    Thaweesakdi Boonkerd and Rossarin Pollawatn
    Pages : 513 |      PDF [1,328 K]

Biotechnology and Agro-Industry
  cDNA cloning and expression analyses of phytoene synthase 1, phytoene desaturase and ζ-carotene desaturase genes from Solanum lycopersicum KKU-T34003
    Krittaya Supathaweewat and Preekamol Klanrit
    Pages : 517 |       PDF [1,002 K]

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Investigations on electrostatic dissipative materials derived from Poly(vinyl alcohol)/ferrofluid composites
    Winatthakan Phuchaduek, Ubolluk Rattanasak, and Supranee Kaewpirom
    Pages : 529 |       PDF [722 K]
  Wound-healing potential of grandiflorenic acid isolated from Wedelia trilobata (L.) leaves
    Neelam Balekar, Titpawan Nakpheng, and Teerapol Srichana
    Pages : 537 |       PDF [1,152 K]

Engineering and Industrial Research
  EFFECT of blend ratio and compatibilizer on solution casted treated waste natural rubber latex/polystyrene blends
    Orathai Boondamnoen, A. Rashid Azura, Masahiro Ohshima, Saowaroj Chuayjuljit, and Azlan Ariffin
    Pages : 547 |      PDF [2,013 K]
  Effect of Sr and Y on microstructure and electrical conductivity of BaCeO3
    Siriwan Chokkha and Sutin Kuharuangrong
    Pages : 557 |       PDF [2,038 K]
  Impact of hazardous components on CO2 biofixation from synthetic flue gas using Chlorella sp. JPR-1 in a raceway pond photobioreactor
    Andri Cahyo Kumoro, Hadiyanto, and Heru Susanto
    Pages : 563 |       PDF [334 K]
  Semi-solid process of 2024 wrought aluminum alloy by strain induced melt activation
    Surachai Numsarapatnuk and Sukangkana Chayong
    Pages : 569 |       PDF [5,085 K]
  Compound soil-tyre chips modified by cement as a road construction material
    Panu Promputthangkoon and Bancherd Kanchanachetanee
    Pages : 579 |       PDF [2,200 K]
  A review of data acquisition and difficulties in sensor module of biometric systems
    Sunil Kumar Singla and Santosh Kumar
    Pages : 589 |       PDF [320 K]

Environmental and Natural Science
  Wastewater treatment performances of horizontal and vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland systems in tropical climate
    Suwasa Kantawanichkul and Suparurk Wannasri
    Pages : 599 |      PDF [333 K]

Physical Science and Mathematics
  Experimental assessment of polyvinyledene fluoride coupled through standard approach for vibration-energy harvesting
    Prissana Rakbamrung and Nantakan Muensit
    Pages : 605 |       PDF [1,246 K]
  Critical temperature of magnetic superconductors by two-band Ginzburg-Landau approach
    Arpapong Changjan and Pongkaew Udomsamuthirun
    Pages : 611 |       PDF [290 K]


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