Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2013, 35(3) : 243-377

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Correlation and path coefficient analysis of quantitative characters in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)
    Medagam Thirupathi Reddy, Kadiyala Hari Babu, Mutyala Ganesh, Konda Chandrasekhar Reddy, Hameedunnisa Begum, Reddivenkatagari Subbarama Krishna Reddy, and Jampala Dilip Babu
    Pages : 243 |      PDF [264 K]
  Influence of temperature and nitrogen on dry matter partitioning and plant development of two tropical cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
    Karim Bux Laghari, Muhammad Munir, and John F. Farrar
    Pages : 251 |      PDF [632 K]
  Wheat and rice, the epicenter of food security in Bangladesh
    Akbar Hossain1 and Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva
    Pages : 261 |      PDF [317 K]

Biotechnology and Agro-Industry
  Molecular cloning and characterization of the late embryogenesis abundant group 4 (EgLEA4) gene from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq)
    Watcharasuda Hualkasin, Waleerath Thongin, Kanokon Petsean, Amornrat Phongdara,
and Alisa Nakkaew
    Pages : 275 |       PDF [1,210 K]
  Isolation and cellular fatty acid composition of psychrotrophic Halomonas strains from Antarctic sea water
    Vipra Vijay Jadhav, Amit Yadav, Yogesh S. Shouche, and Rama Kaustubh Bhadekar
    Pages : 287 |       PDF [351 K]
  Comparison of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), native calcium sulfate, and high porous calcium sulfate beads as gentamicin carriers and osteoblast attachment
    Chaiyakorn Thitiyanaporn, Naris Thengchaisri, and Pareeya Udomkusonsri
    Pages : 293 |       PDF [1,178 K]

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Effects of biocides on chlorophyll contents of detached basil leaves
    Titima Arunrangsi, Siri-On Raethong, and Kriangsak Songsrirote
    Pages : 303 |       PDF [265 K]
  Effect of temperature and kinetic modelling of lignosulfonate adsorption onto powdered eggshell in batch systems
    M. Ali Zulfikar, H. Setiyanto and S.D. Djajanti
    Pages : 309 |       PDF [347 K]
  Inhibition of nitric oxide production by compounds from Boesenbergia longiflora using lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophage cells
    Teeratad Sudsai, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, and Supinya Tewtrakul
    Pages : 317 |       PDF [323 K]
  Pharmacokinetics of alendronate in a combined Alendronate/Vitamin D3 tablet in healthy volunteers using plasma and urine data
    Chalitpon Na nakorn, Narubodee Phadungsombut, Thitima Chuchome,
and Kamonthip Wiwattanawongsa
    Pages : 325 |       PDF [342 K]

Engineering and Industrial Research
  Analysis of short circuit transfer behavior using acoustic signal detection
    Eakkachai Warinsiriruk and Bovornchock Poopat
    Pages : 333 |      PDF [2,451 K]
  Bottom ash adsorption of basic dyes from their binary aqueous solutions
    Rajan Gandhimathi, Srikrishnaperumal Thanga Ramesh, Vijayaragavan Sindhu, and
Puthiya Veetil Nidheesh
    Pages : 339 |       PDF [478 K]
  Multi-objective and multi-criteria optimization for power generation expansion planning with CO2 mitigation in Thailand
    Kamphol Promjiraprawat and Bundit Limmeechokchai
    Pages : 349 |       PDF [442 K]
  Process modeling of NH3 contaminated waste air treatment in photocatalytic reactor using TiO2 coated glass tubes
    Prukraya Pongyeela, Juntima Chungsiriporn, Pornsiri Kaewpradit, and Lek Sikong
    Pages : 361 |       PDF [1,157 K]
  Time-partitioning heuristic algorithm for optimal production, inventory, and transportation planning with direct shipment
    Napaporn Rianthong and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri
    Pages : 369 |       PDF [335 K]


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