Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2012, 34(1) : 1-123

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Bionomics of the apefly, Spalgis epius (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), predatory on the papaya mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), in Thailand
    Samaporn Saengyot and Intawat Burikam
    Pages : 1 |      PDF [4,277 K]
  Determination of vibration properties of Jatropha curcas for mechanical harvesting operations
    Mohd Rokli Hizra Ramli, Mohd Noor Abdul Ghani, Mohd Hudzari Razali, Fazlil Ilahi Abdul Wahab and Norhayati Ngah
    Pages : 9 |      PDF [2,436 K]
  Developing characteristics and relationships of Shiraia bambusicola with Bamboo
    Yongxiang Liu, Zuoyi Liu, and Sopone Wongkaew
    Pages : 17 |       PDF [1,741 K]
  Optimization of process parameters for enhanced biodegradation of acid red 119 by Bacillus thuringiensis SRDD
    Shailesh R. Dave and Riddhi H. Dave
    Pages : 23 |       PDF [1,592 K]
  Resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus -Thailand isolate (TYLCTHV-[2]) and markers loci association in BC2F1 population from a cross between Seedathip 3 and a wild tomato, Solanum habrochaites ‘L06112’ clone no.1
    Ornubol Chomdej, Uraiwan Pongpayaklers and Julapark Chunwongse
    Pages : 23 |       PDF [761 K]
  Growth, feed utilization, survival and body composition of fingerlings of Slender walking catfish, Clarias nieuhofii, fed diets containing different protein levels
    Suphada Kiriratnikom and Anut Kiriratnikom
    Pages : 37 |       PDF [278 K]
Biotechnology and Agro Industry
  Effects of Carthamus tinctorius L. solvent extracts on anti-proliferation of human colon cancer (SW 620 cell line) via apoptosis and the growth promotion of lymphocytes
    Teerakul Arpornsuwan, Sawang Petvises, Arthid Thim-uam, Atirada Boondech, and Sittiruk Roytrakul
    Pages : 45 |       PDF [815 K]
  Performance evaluation of the compact aquaculture system integrating submerged fibrous nitrifying biofilters
    Kasidit Nootong and Sorawit Powtongsook
    Pages : 53 |       PDF [807 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  A study of diffuser angle effect on ducted water current turbine performance using CFD
    Palapum Khunthongjan and Adun Janyalertadun
    Pages : 61 |       PDF [3,739 K]
  Partitioning behavior of laccase from Lentinus polychrous Lev in aqueous two phase systems
    Karnika Ratanapongleka
    Pages : 69 |       PDF [621 K]
  Projection of bootstrap current in the ITER with standard type I ELMy H-mode and steady state scenarios
    Yutthapong Pianroj and Thawatchai Onjun
    Pages : 77 |       PDF [529 K]
  Performance improvement tool for Thai make–to–order manufacturing
    Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol, Sooksiri Wichaisri, and Apichat Sopadang
    Pages : 93 |       PDF [763 K]
Environment and Natural Science
  Characteristics of Mae Moh lignite: Hardgrove grindability index and approximate work index
    Chairoj Rattanakawin and Wutthiphong Tara
    Pages : 103 |       PDF [925 K]
  Implementation of a new composting technology, serial self-turning reactor system, for municipal solid waste management in a small community in Thailand
    Praj-ya Sungsomboon, Taweep Chaisomphob, Tetsuya Ishida, and Chira Bureecam
    Pages : 109 |       PDF [2,521 K]
  Removal of reactive dyes from wastewater by shale
    Sairoong Nopkhuntod, Somchai Dararat, and Jareeya Yimrattanabovorn
    Pages : 117 |       PDF [463 K]


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