Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2011, 33(4) : 365-485

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Path coefficient analysis for yield of early maturing soybean
    Thitiporn Machikowa and Paisan Laosuwan
    Pages : 365 |      PDF [243 K]
  Impact of water temperature and sodium chloride (NaCl) on stress indicators of hybrid catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell x C. macrocephalus Gunther)
    Weena Koeypudsa and Malinee Jongjareanjai
    Pages :369 |      PDF [558 K]
Biotechnology and Agro Industry
  Exopolysaccharide production by Lactobacillus confusus TISTR 1498 using coconut water as an alternative carbon source: the effect of peptone, yeast extract and beef extract
    Phisit Seesuriyachan, Ampin Kuntiya, Prasert Hanmoungjai, and Charin Techapun
    Pages : 379 |       PDF [414 K]
  Optimizing enzymatic extraction of cereal milk using response surface methodology
    Porrarath Suphamityotin
    Pages : 389 |       PDF [305 K]
  Effect of various pretreatment conditions on enzymatic saccharification
    Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Gulsher, Sajjad Abbas, Quratualain Syed, Muhammad Nadeem and Shahjahan Baig
    Pages : 397 |       PDF [1,534 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Antihyperglycemic activity of agarwood leaf extracts in STZ-induced diabetic rats and glucose uptake enhancement activity in rat adipocytes
    Ratree Pranakhon, Patchareewan Pannangpetch and Chantana Aromdee
    Pages : 405 |       PDF [1,169 K]
  Effects of Kaempferia galanga L. and ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate (EPMC) on hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450s enzyme activities in mice
    Wanna Sirisangtragul, and Bungorn Sripanidkulchai
    Pages : 411 |       PDF [559 K]
  Effects of sour curry temperature with fermented shrimp paste on surface hardness of tooth enamel
    Pojjanut Benjakul, Paruhat Prommontri, Chanya Chuenarrom, and Ureporn Leggat
    Pages : 419 |       PDF [339 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Effects of wood vinegar as an additive for natural rubber products
    Kulchanat Prasertsit, Namthip Rattanawan, and Juraivan Ratanapisit
    Pages : 425 |       PDF [347 K]
  Minimization of water and chemical usage in the cleaning in place process of a milk pasteurization plant
    Sathit Niamsuwan, Paisan Kittisupakorn and Iqbal M. Mujtaba
    Pages : 431 |       PDF [1,225 K]
  Friction stir welding of dissimilar joint between semi-solid metal 356 and AA 6061-T651 by computerized numerical control machine
    Muhamad Tehyo, Prapas Muangjunburee and Somchai Chuchom
    Pages : 441 |       PDF [5,135 K]
  Performance and cost analysis of all-optical switching: OBS and OCS
    Ekularn Dhavarudha, Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut, and Suwan Runggeratigul
    Pages : 449 |       PDF [452 K]
Environment and Natural Science
  Green composites of thermoplastic corn starch and recycled paper cellulose fibers
    Amnuay Wattanakornsiri, Katavut Pachana, Supranee Kaewpirom, Pichan Sawangwong, and Claudio Migliaresi
    Pages : 461 |       PDF [3,645 K]
  Coastal vulnerability assessment: a case study of Samut Sakhon coastal zone
    Farida Duriyapong and Kanchana Nakhapakorn
    Pages : 469 |       PDF [3,158 K]
Physical Science and Mathematic
  Detecting near-surface objects with seismic traveltime tomography: Experimentation at a test site
    Sawasdee Yordkayhun
    Pages : 477 |       PDF [1,499 K]


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