Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2010, 32(3) : 207-326

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Distribution of blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus Linnaeus, 1758) in Trang Province
    Thongchai Nitiratsuwan, Charoen Nitithamyong, Sommai Chiayvareesajja and Buncha Somboonsuke
    Pages : 207 |      PDF [936 K]
  Evaluation of the nutritive value of broiler and broiler parent stock litters after pelleting for ruminants
    Tawadchai Suppadit
    Pages : 213 |      PDF [368 K]
Biotechnology and Agro-Industry
  Increasing the bio-active compounds contents by optimizing the germination conditions of Southern Thai Brown Rice
    Jiraporn Banchuen, Paiboon Thammarutwasik, Buncha Ooraikul, Phaisan Wuttijumnong and Piyarat Sirivongpaisal
    Pages : 219 |       PDF [530 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Evaluation of color based breast cancer cell images analysis
    Chalit Primkhajeepong, Pornchai Phukpattaranont, Somchai Limsiroratana, Pleumjit Boonyaphiphat and Kanita Kayasut
    Pages : 231 |       PDF [997 K]
  ECG based biometrics verification system using LabVIEW
    Sunil Kumar Singla and Ankit Sharma
    Pages : 241 |       PDF [382 K]
  A Karnaugh-Map based fingerprint minutiae extraction method
    Sunil Kumar Singla and Ajat Shatru Arora
    Pages : 247 |       PDF [962 K]
  Chromosome image classification using a two-step probabilistic neural network
    Sunthorn Rungruangbaiyok and Pornchai Phukpattaranont
    Pages : 255 |       PDF [843 K]
  Network reliability analysis for 3G cellular topology design
    Chutima Prommak and Ekkaluk Eksook
    Pages : 263 |       PDF [537 K]
  Investigations of spherical grinding parameters on circularity error, finished diameter, and grinding forces for porous polyurethane foam
    Isarawit Chaopanich, Somchai Puajindanetr and Kritdipuk Goyadoolya
    Pages : 271 |       PDF [981 K]
  Analytical evaluation of beam deformation problem using approximate methods
    Amin Barari, Amin Kimiaeifar, Ganji Domairry and Morteza Moghimi
    Pages : 281 |       PDF [574 K]
  Improvement on design analyses of composite steel-concrete bridges using elaborate finite element methods
    Jaturong Sa-nguanmanasak, Taweep Chaisomphob and Eiki Yamaguchi
    Pages : 289 |       PDF [1,007 K]
  Improvements of natural rubber for flame resistance
    Orasa Patarapaiboolchai and Somjai Chaiyaphate
    Pages : 299 |       PDF [594 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  Development of low grade waste heat thermoelectric power generator
    Suvit Punnachaiya, Paiboon Kovitcharoenkul and Decho Thong-aram
    Pages : 307 |       PDF [906 K]
  Lead-free high refractive index glass using local Thai sands
    Pisutti Dararutana and Narin Sirikulrat
    Pages : 315 |       PDF [514 K]
  Scale invariant for one-sided multivariate likelihood ratio tests
    Samruam Chongcharoen
    Pages : 321 |       PDF [407 K]


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