Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2010, 32(2) : 109-205

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Quality aspects of raw goat milk in Lower Southern Thailand
    Siriwat Wasiksiri, Usa Chethanond, Sahutaya Pongprayoon, Somjit Srimai and Bunjob Nasae
    Pages : 109 |      PDF [227 K]
  Estimation of additive and dominance variance for reproductive traits from different models in Duroc purebred
    Talerngsak Angkuraseranee
    Pages : 115 |      PDF [209 K]
  Effect of hemoglobin powder substituted for fishmeal on growth performance, protein digestibility, and trypsin gene expression in Litopenaeus vannamei
    Duangrat Chookird, Chutima Tantikitti, Amornrat Pongdara and Manee Srichanun
    Pages : 119 |      PDF [365 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  The effects of the extracts from Carthamus tinctorius L. on gene expression related to cholesterol metabolism in rats
    Teerakul Arpornsuwan, Khaimuk Changsri, Sittiruk Roytrakul and Tadsanee Punjanon
    Pages : 129 |       PDF [1,058 K]
  Study of fortilin interacting proteins in a human skeletal muscle using the yeast two-hybrid system
    Juntipa Purintrapiban and Potchanapond Graidist
    Pages : 137 |       PDF [412 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Analysis of an underground structure settlement risk due to tunneling- A case study from Tabriz, Iran
    Mohammad Javad Vahdatirad, Hadi Ghodrat, Sara Firouzian and Amin Barari
    Pages : 145 |       PDF [912 K]
  Biodiesel as a lubricity additive for ultra low sulfur diesel
    Subongkoj Topaiboul and Nuwong Chollacoop
    Pages : 153 |       PDF [819 K]
  Deposition of transparent, hydrophobic polydimethylsiloxane - nanocrystalline TiO2 hybrid films on glass substrate
    On-uma Nimittrakoolchai and Sitthisuntorn Supothina
    Pages : 157 |       PDF [1,316 K]
  Effect of heating rate on sintered series 300 stainless steel
    Ornmanee Coovattanachai, Nattaya Tosangthum, Monnapas Morakotjinda, Thanyaporn Yotkaew, Rungtip Krataitong, Bhanu Vetayanugul and Ruangdaj Tongsri
    Pages : 163 |       PDF [644 K]
  Impact angle analysis of bloodstains using a simple image processing technique
    Kittipat Boonkhong, Montri Karnjanadecha and Pattara Aiyarak
    Pages : 169 |       PDF [603 K]
  Synthesis of titanium carbide from wood by self-propagating high temperature synthesis
    Sutham Niyomwas
    Pages : 175 |       PDF [1,110 K]
  Design of a quadratic filter for contrast - assisted ultrasonic imaging based on 2D gaussian filters
    Tosaporn Nilmanee and Pornchai Phukpattaranont
    Pages : 181 |       PDF [539 K]
  Processing of hornblende syenite for ceramics
    Chairoj Rattanakawin, Suraphol Phuvichit, Yuenyong Panjasawatwong and Siwadol Supapia
    Pages : 189 |       PDF [1,364 K]
  Simulation of deformation fields underneath Vickers indenter: Effects of power-law plasticity
    Nuwong Chollacoop and Upadrasta Ramamurty
    Pages : 197 |       PDF [638 K]
  Pulping and paper properties of Palmyra palm fruit fibers
    Waranyou Sridach
    Pages : 201 |       PDF [268 K]


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