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Vol.31 No.6 Nov.- Dec. 2009 583-686 Vol.31 No.5 Sep.- Oct. 2009 463-581 Vol.31 No.4 Jul. - Aug. 2009 361-462 Vol.31 No.3 May - Jun. 2009 247-359 Vol.31 No.2 Mar.- Apr. 2009 117-245 Vol.31 No.1 Jan.- Feb. 2009 1-115
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Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Micropropagation from cultured nodal explants of rose (Rosa hybrida L. cv. ‘Perfume Delight’)
    Naphaporn Nak-Udom, Kantamaht Kanchanapoom and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom
    Pages : 583 |      PDF [478 K]
  Micropropagation through adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf culture of Torenia fournieri Lind.
    Kantamaht Kanchanapoom, Nirunya Buntin and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom
    Pages : 587 |      PDF [456 K]
  Effects of dietary crude protein levels on nutrient digestibility and growth performance of Thai indigenous male goats
    Jeerasak Chobtang, Kabuan Intharak and Auraiwan Isuwan
    Pages : 591 |      PDF [336 K]
Biotechnology and Agro-Industry
  Manufacture of gluco-oligosaccharide prebiotic by Gluconobacter oxydans NCIMB 4943
    Santad Wichienchot, Poonsuk Prasertsan, Tipparat Hongpattarakere and Robert A. Rastall
    Pages : 597 |      PDF [597 K]
  The effects of banana peel preparations on the properties of banana peel dietary fibre concentrate
    Phatcharaporn Wachirasiri, Siripan Julakarangka and Sorada Wanlapa
    Pages : 605 |      PDF [350 K]
  Prediction equations for header losses of combine harvesters when harvesting Thai Hom Mali rice
    Chaiyan Junsiri and Winit Chinsuwan
    Pages : 481 |      PDF [708 K]
  Effects of chitosan and citric acid on pericarp browning and polyphenol oxidase activity of longan fruit
    Wittaya Apai, Vicha Sardsud, Pichaya Boonprasom and Uraporn Sardsud
    Pages : 621 |      PDF [353 K]
  Measuring Geometric Mean Diameter of fruits and vegetables using Light Sectioning Method
    Navaphattra Nunak and Taweepol Suesut
    Pages : 629 |      PDF [275 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Weight and volume reduction of organic sludges and enhanced recovery of biomass resources using sonophotocatalysis
    Naohito Hayashi, Satoshi Koike, Ryosuke Yasutomi and Eiki Kasai
    Pages : 635 |      PDF [640 K]
  Efficient sonochemical degradation of hexachlorobenzene in a model sediment
    Naohito Hayashi, Hiromi Choshi, Jun Liang and Eiki Kasai
    Pages : 641 |      PDF [565 K]
  Application of micro truss and strut and tie model for analysis and design of reinforced concrete structural elements
    Praveen Nagarajan, U.B. Jayadeep and T.M.Madhavan Pillai
    Pages : 647 |      PDF [1,072 K]
  Lithological and petrophysical evaluation of the caprock keybeds, Asmari Reservoir of Pazanan Oil Field, Zagros, Iran
    Bahman Soleimani and Amir Sasan Zarvani
    Pages : 655 |      PDF [512 K]
  Optimization of operating conditions of distillation columns: an energy saving option in refinery industry
    Alireza Fazlali, Sayedmohsen Hosseini, Behzad Yasini and Abdolreza Moghadassi
    Pages : 661 |      PDF [457 K]
  A new thermodynamic model for the prediction of asphaltene precipitation in crude oil
    Alireza Fazlali, Sayedmohsen Hosseini, Gholamreza Pazuki and Esmaeel Khosrobeigi
    Pages : 665 |      PDF [466 K]
  Preparation and characterization of bismuth ruthenate pyrochlore via solid state reaction and sol-gel methods
    Mayuree Sansernnivet and Pimpa Limthongkul
    Pages : 669 |      PDF [621 K]
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