Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2008, 30(3) : 227-419

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Nuclear DNA content of the pigeon orchid (Dendrobium crumenatum Sw.) with the analysis of flow cytometry
    Upatham Meesawat, Theera Srisawat, Ladda Eksomtramage and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom
    Pages : 227 |    PDF [844 K]
  Integrated use of boiler ash as organic fertilizer and soil conditioner with NPK in calcareous soil
    Muhammad Jamil Khan and Muhammad Qasim
    Pages : 281 |     PDF [106 K]
  Crustin protein Amk1 from black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) inhibits Vibrio harveyi and Staphylococcus aureus
    Moltira Tonganunt, Korkiat Wongmanee, Sonchai Sartthai, Wilaiwan Chotigeat and Amornrat Phongdara
    Pages : 291 |     PDF [311 K]
  Production and characterization of bioemulsifier from a marine bacterium, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus subsp. anitratus SM7
    Kulnaree Phetrong, Aran H-Kittikun and Suppasil Maneerat
    Pages : 296 |     PDF [557 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Bioequivalence study of a generic Risperidone (Iperdal® ) in healthy Thai male volunteers
    Werawath Mahatthanatrakul, Tharinee Nontaput, Somchai Sriwiriyajan, Wibool Ridtitid, and Malinee Wongnawa
    Pages : 307 |     PDF [127 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  Traveling wave front solutions in lateral-excitatory neuronal networks
    Sittipong Ruktamatakul and Pornpis Yimprayoon
    Pages : 313 |     PDF [3,691 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Cyclic behavior of non-seismically designed interior reinforced concrete beam-column connections
    Amorn Pimanmas and Teeraphot Supaviriyakit
    Pages : 323 |     PDF [1,394 K]
  Energy dissipation model for a parametric wave approach based on laboratory and field experiments
    Winyu Rattanapitikon and Sangapol Sawanggun
    Pages : 333 |     PDF [1,377 K]
  Thin layer drying model for gas-fired infrared drying of paddy
    Juckamas Laohavanich and Seree Wongpichet
    Pages : 343 |     PDF [235 K]
  Application of quality function deployment for designing and developing a curriculum for Industrial Engineering at Prince of Songkla University
    Nirachara Boonyanuwat, Sakesun Suthummanon, Napisporn Memongkol and Supapan Chaiprapat
    Pages : 349 |     PDF [219 K]
  A new PAPR reduction in OFDM systems using PTS combined with APPR for TWTA nonlinear HPA
    Chusit Pradabpet and Kobchai Dejhan
    Pages : 355 |     PDF [1,429 K]
  Electrical and mechanical properties of ternary composites from natural rubber and conductive fillers
    Wiriya Thongruang, Churairat Ritthichaiwong, Pisanu Bunnaul, Pruittikorn Smithmaitrie and Kanadit Chetpattananondh
    Pages : 361 |     PDF [905 K]
  Effects of intermediate load on performance limitations in excitation control
    Pichai Aree
    Pages : 367 |     PDF [2,824 K]
  Fine grinding of brittle minerals and materials by jet mill
    Lek Sikong, Kalayanee Kooptanond, Noparit Morasut, and Thammasak Pongprasert
    Pages : 377 |     PDF [1,702 K]
  Effect of doped SiO2 and calcinations temperature on phase transformation of TiO2 photocatalyst prepared by sol-gel method
    Lek Sikong, Jiraporn Damchan, Kalayanee Kooptarnond and Sutham Niyomwas
    Pages : 385 |     PDF [716 K]
  Product yields and characteristics of rice husk, rice straw and corncob during fast pyrolysis in a drop-tube/fixed-bed reactor
    Janewit Wannapeera, Nakorn Worasuwannarak and Suneerat Pipatmanomai
    Pages : 393 |     PDF [2,301 K]
  Effects of temperature and concentration on thermal properties of cassava starch solutions
    Sopa Cansee, Cumnueng Watyotha, Thavachai Thivavarnvongs, Juntanee Uriyapongson and Jatuphong Varith
    Pages : 405 |     PDF [236 K]
  Protein removal from fish mince washwater using ohmic heating
    Kobsak Kanjanapongkul, Tipaporn Yoovidhya, Suvit Tia and Pisit Wongsa-Ngasri
    Pages : 413 |     PDF [420 K]


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