Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2007, 29(6) : 1457-1719

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  An evaluation of the sexual system of Garcinia atroviridis L. (Clusiaceae), based on reproductive features
    Pangsuban, S., Bamroongrugsa, N., Kanchanapoom, K. and Nualsri, C.
Pages : 1457
|    PDF [218 K]
  Response of resistant breeding lines of tomato germplasm and their progenies with Seedathip3 to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, Thailand isolate (TYLCTHV-[2])
    Chomdej, O., Chatchawankanpanich, O., Kositratana, W. and Chunwongse, J.
    Pages : 1469 |    PDF [165 K]
  Genetic relationship among subspecies of Musa acuminata Colla and A-genome consisting edible cultivated bananas assayed with ISSR markers
    Racharak, P., Eiadthong, W.
    Pages : 1479 |    PDF [495 K]
  Relationships between some Thai cultivars of pineapple (Ananas comosus) revealed by RAPD analysis
    Popluechai, S., Onto, S. and Eungwanichayapant, P.D.
    Pages : 1491 |    PDF [241 K]
  Effect of levels of concentrate on nutrient utilization and nitrogen balance of Thai Native Cow in mid-pregnancy
    Vichurungsai, A., Ngampongsai, W., Kuprasert, S., Kochapakdee, S.
    Pages : 1499 |    PDF [76 K]
  Effects of Chinese Tea (Camellia sinensis) supplementation in laying hen diets on production, quality and cholesterol content of egg
    Panja, P.
    Pages : 1511 |    PDF [55 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Studies of the anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities of the methanolic extract of Piper sarmentosum Roxb. leaves in rats.
    Ridtitid, W., Ruangsang, P., Reanmongkol, W. and Wongnawa, M.
Pages : 1519
|    PDF [41 K]
  The content of active constituents of stored sliced and powdered preparations of turmeric rhizomes and zedoary (bulb and finger) rhizomes
    Subhadhirasakul, S., Wongvarodom, S. and Ovatlarnporn, C.
    Pages : 1527 |    PDF [107 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Effect of material uncertainties on dynamic response of segmental box girder bridge
    Limkatanyu, S. and Kuntiyawichai, K.
    Pages : 1537 |    PDF [2,275 K]
  Methyl ester production from high free fatty acid mixed crude palm oil
    Prateepchaikul, G., Allen, M.L., Leevijit, T. and Thaveesinsopha, K.
    Pages : 1551 |    PDF [146 K]
  Morphological control and optical properties of nanocrystalline ZnO powder from precipitation method
    Suwanboon, S., Chukamnerd, S. and Anglong, U.
    Pages: 1563 |    PDF [189 K]
  Physio-chemical and biological properties of partially purified exopolymers from newly isolated halophilic bacterial strain SM5
    Lungmann, P., Choorit, W. and Prasertsan, P.
    Pages : 1571 |    PDF [1,121 K]
  Production of methyl ester from oil in the wastewater pond of a palm oil factory
    Tongurai, C. and Chuntorng-orn, K.
    Pages : 1583 |    PDF [920 K]
  Wear behavior of contacting between thin film coating on SKD11 ball and 304 stainless steel disk
    Sriprasird, J., Khantachawana, A., Premanond, V. and Kaewtatip, P.
    Pages : 1591 |    PDF [214 K]
  Microwave pre-heating of natural rubber using a rectangular wave guide (MODE: TE10)
    Doo-ngam, N., Rattanadecho, P. and Klinklai, W.
    Pages : 1599 |    PDF [293 K]
  Raman technique application for rubber blends characterization
    Smitthipong, W., Nardin, M. and Schultz, J.
    Pages : 1609 |    PDF [994 K]
  Effect of mixed spices in lemon glass marinade cuisine on changes in chemical physical and microbiological quality of ready-to-cook Thai indigenous chicken meat during chilled storage
    Wongwiwat, P., Yanpakdee, S. and Wattanachant, S.
    Pages : 1619 |    PDF [191 K]
Optimum composite flour, water and mixing time of dough for crispy snack containing fish-head protein hydrolysate
    Jitbunjerdkul, S., Kijroongrojana, K., and Pasakawee, K.
    Pages : 1633 |    PDF [167 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathemaics
  The degree and the order of polynomials in the ring
    Chinram, R.
    Pages : 1645 |    PDF [52 K]
  Linear system design using routh column polynomials
    Sivanandam, S.N. and Deepa, S.N.
    Pages : 1651 |    PDF [37 K]
Environment and Natural Resources
  Effects on the upstream flood inundation caused from the operation of Chao Phraya Dam
    Visutimeteegorn, S., Likitdecharote, K. and Vongvisessomjai, S.
    Pages : 1661 |    PDF [824 K]
  Effect of mass concentration of immobilized Spirulina platensis on nitrogen removal from simulated shrimp pond water
    Lerksasen, P. and Wantawin, C.
    Pages : 1675 |    PDF [105 K]
  Food industrial wastewater reuse by membrane bio-reactor
    Natpinit, P., Kawasaki, M. and Araki, S.
    Pages : 1685 |    PDF [138 K]
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