Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2007, 29(2) : 221-418

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Selection and identification of lactic acid bacteria that inhibit yeast contaminants isolated from fermented plant beverages
    Prachyakij, P., Schn rer, J., Charernjiratrakul, W. and Kantachote, D.
    Pages : 211 |    PDF [433 K]
  Somaclonal variation in tissue culture of banana cv. 'Kluai Num Wa' [Musa (ABB group)]
    Boonmee, O. and Te-chato, S.
    Pages : 219 |     PDF [1,167 K]
  Effect of antibiotics selection on survival rate of nodal explant and gene transformation inAnthurium andraeanum cv. Sonate
    Jantanawan, K. and Te-chato, S.
    Pages : 229 |     PDF [415 K]
  Plantlet regeneration and somaclonal variation in Anthurium cv. Sultan through embryogenesis
    Sontikul, Y. and Te-chato, S.
    Pages : 237 |     PDF [1,320 K]
  Bacterial community from gut of white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, cultured in earthen ponds
    U-taynapun, K., Viriyapongsutee, B., Intrasungkha, N. and Supamattaya, K.
    Pages : 247 |     PDF [165 K]
  Optimization of lipase entrapment in alginate gel bead for palm olein hydrolysis
    Jeamjounkhaw, P., H-Kittikun, A. and Cheirsilp, B.
    Pages : 261 |     PDF [510 K]
  Selection of probiotic lactic acid bacteria able to inhibit ß-hemolytic Escherichia coli isolated from diarrheal piglets
    Malawach, T., Kantachote, D. and Charernjiratrakul, W.
    Pages : 269 |     PDF [189 K]
  Effects of sodium chloried (NaCI) and nucleic acid containing by-products supplementation on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance of southern native male cattle
    Seangkong, W., Ngampongsai, W. and Kuprasert, S.
    Pages : 281 |     PDF [3640 K]
  The effects of herbal formula PROVE 1, antibiotic and protein levels on growth performance of growing pigs
    Kittiwat, A., Siriwathananukul, Y. and Ngampongsai, W.
    Pages : 291 |     PDF [364 K]
  The effect of herbal formula PROVE 1 and Stevia levels in diets on diet utilization of growing pigs
    Malithod, S., Siriwathananukul, Y. and Kooprasert, S.
    Pages : 301 |     PDF [365 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Effect of organic loading rate on methane and volatile fatty acids productions from anaerobic treatment of palm oil mill effluent in UASB and UFAF reactors
    Chaisri, R., Boonsawang, P., Prasertsan, P. and Chaiprapat, S.
    Pages : 311 |     PDF [302 K]
  Thermo-physical properties and effect of electrical field on drying process of paddy
    Tirawanichakul, S., Tasara, J., and Tirawanicahkul, Y.
    Pages : 325 |     PDF [476 K]
  Parameters for the analysis of natural rubber drying
    Tirawanichakul, S., Sanai, S., Sangwichien, C. and Tirawanicahkul, Y.
    Pages : 335 |     PDF [429 K]
  Moisture removal of paddy by agricultural residues: basic physical parameters and drying kinetics modeling
    Tirawanichakul, Y., Tirawanichakul, S. and Saniso, E.
    Pages : 347 |     PDF [738 K]
  Electrical discharges of plasma ozonizer and its application
    Tirawanichakul, Y., Chankuson, P. and Tirawanichakul, S.
    Pages : 365 |     PDF [258 K]
  High power factor single-stage electronic ballast for 400W metal halide lamp
    Sridech, C., Yungyuen, U. and Boonyaroonate, I.
    Pages : 379 |     PDF [370 K]
  Measurement of the thermal conductivity of construction materials using a thin film probe
    Boonkerdrattanasakull, T., Pratinthong, N. and Kasayapanand, N.
    Pages : 391 |     PDF [522 K]
Environment and Natural Resources
  Arsenic adsorption of lateritic soil, limestone powder, lime and fly ash on arsenic-contaminated soil
    Wnthiphun, L., Towatana, P., Arrykul, S. and Chongsuvivatwong, V.
    Pages : 401 |     PDF [404 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathemaics
  Theory and measurements for 0-3 BaTiO3/PVDF composites
    Hajeesaeh,S., Muensit,S.
    Pages : 413 |     PDF [479 K]


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