Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2006, 28(2) : 227-448

  Will sea-level really fall in the Gulf of Thailand?
    Suphat Vongvisessomjai
Pages : 227
|    PDF [1,576 K]
Agricultural and Biological Science
  Allozyme electrophoretic evidence for a complex of species within the Bactrocera tau group (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Thailand
    Anchalee Saelee, San Tigvattananont and Visut Baimai
    Pages : 249 |    PDF [464 K]
  Determination of lethal concentration (LC50) for different insecticides against third instar larvae of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (LEPIDOPTERA: NOCTUIDAE)
    Rashid A. Khan, M. Hamed and Farhat Fatima Jamil
    Pages : 261 |     PDF [314 K]
  Effect of energy sources and levels supplementation on ruminal fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in dairy steers
    Sittisak Khampa, Metha Wanapat, Chalong Wachirapakorn, Ngamnit Nontaso and Michael Wattiaux
    Pages : 265 |     PDF [384 K]
  Factors affecting seed germination and protocorm development of Vandopsis gigantea (Lindl.) Pfitz. in vitro
    Sirivarin Thibul and Arak Jantasilp
    Pages : 277 |     PDF [601 K]
  Mating system of five edible species of the mushroom, genus Lentinus
    Pannee Dhitaphichit and Janthimaphorn Nawawongwiwat
    Pages : 285 |     PDF [966 K]
  Monitoring on species diversity of macrofungi in Khek watershed, Phetchabun Province
    Kittima Duengkae
    Pages : 293 |     PDF [395 K]
  Effect of hair coat clipping on some physiological changes of dairy bulls
    Somkiert Prasanpanich, Kasidis Uechiewcharnkit and Jamchoeng Theingtham
    Pages : 305 |     PDF [345 K]
  Optimum market age and weight of Betong chicken
    Damrus Chatreewong and Winai Waree
    Pages : 311 |     PDF [358 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Chemical constituents of the essential oil and organic acids from longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.) fruits
    Vanida Chairgulprasert, Boonsong Krisornpornsan and Abdulhakim Hamad
    Pages : 321 |     PDF [365 K]
  Physical and chemical properties of fish and chicken bones as calcium source for mineral supplements
    Pianpan Phiraphinyo, Sutachai Taepakpurenat, Paungkaew Lakkanatinaporn, Worapot Suntornsuk, and Leena Suntornsuk
    Pages : 327 |     PDF [503 K]
  Synthesis and characterization of acrylamide/acrylic acid hydrogel and its application for crystal violet dye adsorption
    Pairote Klinpituksa, Piyachat Chaiyotha and Yupadee Chaisuksan
    Pages : 337 |     PDF [748 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  A smart surface from natural rubber: the mechanism of entropic control at the surface monitored by contact angle measurement
    Sureurg Khongtong
    Pages : 351 |     PDF [386 K]
  Cutter usage management for rubberwood furniture part machining process
    Somchai Puajindanetr, Somnoek Wisuttipaet and Dusit Thammasang
    Pages : 361 |     PDF [1,695 K]
  Efficient algorithm and computing tool for shading calculation
    Chanadda Pongpattana and Pattana Rakkwamsuk
    Pages : 375 |     PDF [707 K]
  Design of an extrusion screw and solid fuel produced from coconut shell
    Prasan Sathitruangsak, Thanid Madhiyanon and Somchart Soponronnarit
    Pages : 387 |     PDF [555 K]
Environment and Natural Resources
  Effect of community activities on water qualities of the Bangpakong River, Chachoengsao Province
    Benjamas Paibulkichakul, Vassana Sivajiranon, Alisara Buapetch, Olarn Vongpraserd and Chalee Paibulkichakul
    Pages : 403 |     PDF [483 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  The use of response surface analysis in obtaining maximum profit in oil palm industry
    Azme Khamis, Zuhaimy Ismail, Khalid Haron and Ahmad Tarmizi Mohammed
    Pages : 417 |     PDF [375 K]
  Aluminium-12wt% silicon coating prepared by thermal spraying technique: Part 1 optimization of spray condition based on a design of experiment
    Apakorn Yudee, Apichat Sopadang, Sittichai Wirojanupatump and Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
    Pages : 431 |     PDF [463 K]
  Aluminium-12wt% silicon coating prepared by thermal spraying technique: Part 2 microstructure and properties
    Apakorn Yudee, Apichat Sopadang, Sittichai Wirojanupatump and Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
    Pages : 441 |     PDF [800 K]


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