Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2005, 27(1) : 1-212

Agricultural and Biological Science
  A study on heterosis and inbreeding depression in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
    Sajjad Ahmad, Muhammad Sayyar Khan, Muhammad Siraj Swati, Gul Sanat Shah and Iftikhar Hussain Khalil
    Pages : 1 |    PDF [355 K]
  Yield and phosphorus-uptake by crops as influenced by chemical fertilizer and integrated use of industrial by-products
    Syed Manzar-ul-Alam, Syed Azam Shah, Sikander Ali and M. Mohsin Iqbal\
    Pages : 9 |     PDF [358 K]
  Evaluation of six different groups of insecticides for the control of citrus psylla Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
    Farmanullah, Hayat Badshah and Rakhmin Gul
    Pages : 17 |     PDF [336 K]
  Screening of antagonistic bacteria against the green mold disease (Trichoderma harzianum Rifai) of Grey Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fr.) Quel.)
    Pornsilp Maneechai, Vasun Petcharat, Samerchai Chuenchit and Charassri Nualsri
    Pages : 25 |     PDF [391 K]
  Preliminary survey of ants at a reserve area of Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand
    Suparoek Watanasit, Nawee Noon-anant and Niranee Binnima
    Pages : 39 |     PDF [723 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Acid and alkali extraction of trivalent chromium from titanium dioxide surface
    Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul, Kanittha Daramuang and Apichon Watcharenwong
    Pages : 47 |     PDF [375 K]
  Extraction of rice bran protein concentrate and its application in bread
    Sudarat Jiamyangyuen, Voranuch Srijesdaruk and W. James Harper
    Pages : 55 |     PDF [425 K]
  Ammonia removal from water: The comparison between using the wind speed and agitation method
    Ammonia removal from water: The comparison between using the wind speed and agitation method
    Pages : 65 |     PDF [428 K]
  Ammonia removal from water using channel flow method
    Charun Bunyakan, Somtip Danteravanich, Juntima Chungsiriporn and Janya Intamanee
    Pages : 79 |     PDF [417 K]
  Investigation of method for Stainless Steel Welding Wire as a Replacement for Arc Wire Comsumables
    Hathaipat Koiprasert and Panadda Niranatlumpong
    Pages : 91 |     PDF [895 K]
  Stabilization of an inverted pendulum system via an SIRM neuro-fuzzy controller
    Sudarat Khwanon, Thanudchai Kulworawanichpong and Saravut Sujitjorn
    Pages : 101 |     PDF [795 K]
  Effect of ice storage on muscle protein properties and qualities of emulsion fish sausage from bigeye snapper (Priacanthus tayenus) and lizardfish (Saurida undosquamis)
    Pariya Chantarat, Kongkarn Kijroongrojana and Manee Vittayanont
    Pages : 123 |     PDF [706 K]
  Role of interleukin-18 on modulation of cell proliferation
    Athip Nilkaeo and Suthinee Bhuvanath
    Pages : 139 |     PDF [367 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  Investigation of kidney stones by X-ray diffraction method
    Putsadee Muhamud, Boonsit Wattanathai, Sean Baukaew, Daungrudee Muakthong
    Pages : 147 |     PDF [393 K]
Environment and Natural Resources
  Estimating methane emissions from mangrove area in Ranong Province, Thailand
    Sukanda Lekphet, Suwanchai Nitisoravut and Suwannee Adsavakulchai
    Pages : 153 |     PDF [424 K]
  Patterns of Rainfall in Pattani Province from 1982 to 2001
    Chanchai Chaiwanawut, Krongchai Hattha and Padoongyot Duangmala
Pages : 165
|     PDF [515 K]
  The PCA and IOA approaches for life-cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from Thai commodities and energy consumption
    Pawinee Suksuntornsiri and Bundit Limmeechokchai
    Pages : 177 |     PDF [380 K]
  Cream cheese products: A review
    Chanokphat Phadungath
    Pages : 191 |     PDF [427 K]
  Casein micelle structure: a concise review
    Chanokphat Phadungath
    Pages : 201 |     PDF [714 K]


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