Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2004, 26(4) : 439-593

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Brain electric activity during the preattentive perception of speech sounds in tonal languages
    Wichian Sittiprapaporn, Chittin Chindaduangratn and Naiphinich Kotchabhakdi
    Pages : 439 |    PDF [2,624 K]
  Early fruit setting from tissue culture-derived mangosteen tree
    Sompong Te-chato and Mongkol Lim
    Pages : 447 |     PDF [678 K]
  The effects of root pruning and limb strangulation on physiological responses and flower bud development of longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.)
    Noree Ismaal and Sayan Sdoodee
    Pages : 455 |     PDF [608 K]
  Species identification of white shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei and other Penaeus sp. by using PCR-RFLP of Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (COI) gene
    Amornrat Phongdara, Watcharasuda Hualkasin, Waraporn Wanna, Ausa Chanumpai and Wilaiwan Chotigeat
    Pages : 467 |     PDF [848 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  A nanometric DNA-zwitterionic phospholipid unilamellar vesicle formulation compacted for gene delivery: Adiabatic differential scanning microcalorimetric study
    Erhan S uleymanolu
    Pages : 479 |     PDF [248 K]
  The effects of angiotensin - II receptor antagonist (candesartan) on rat renal vascular resistance
    Patai Hiranphun, Chamnong Supatraviwat and Siriphun Hiranyachattada
    Pages : 485 |     PDF [418 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Finite element analysis of FRP-strengthened RC beams
    Teeraphot Supaviriyakit, Phuwanat Pornpongsaroj and Amorn Pimanmas
    Pages : 497 |     PDF [643 K]
  Thermal behavior of crimped spiral fin tube bank under dehumidifying process: A case study of inline arrangement
    Atipoang Nuntaphan and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
    Pages : 509 |     PDF [417 K]
  Nitrogen removal from concentrated latex wastewater by land treatment
    Vikanda Thongnuekhang and Udomphon Puetpaiboon
    Pages : 521 |     PDF [358 K]
Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  Dielectric properties of ceramics in lead zirconate titanate - lead magnesium niobate system
    Rattikorn Yimnirun, Supon Ananta and Pitak Laoratakul
    Pages : 529 |     PDF [532 K]
  A comparison of type I error and power of Bartlett’s test, Levene’s test and Cochran’s test under violation of assumptions
    Thavatchai Vorapongsathorn, Sineenart Taejaroenkul and Chukiat Viwatwongkasem
    Pages : 537 |     PDF [402 K]
  Chromosome numbers of some Zingiberaceae in Thailand
    Augsonkitt, A., Eksomtramage, L. and Sirirugsa, P.
    Pages : 549 |     PDF [629 K]
  Propagation speed of a pressure spike during the water-liquid nitrogen interaction
    Urith Archakositt, Sunchai Nilsuwankosit and Tatchai Sumitra
    Pages : 559 |     PDF [602 K]
  Consistent association between beta DNA element and transfer RNA genes in Candida albicans
    Ekachai Chukeatirote
    Pages : 569 |     PDF [345 K]
  Natural rubber latex blended polystyrene emulsion for dipping products: preparation and properties
    Saovanee Kovuttikulrangsie and Taweesak Khongkot
    Pages : 577 |     PDF [546 K]


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