Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2003, 25(2) : 169-282

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Comparative efficacy of insecticides against the American bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera "Hb." of cotton
    Muhammad Zahid and Muhammad Hamed
    Pages : 169 |    PDF [523 K]
  Varietal differences in wheat yield and phosphorus use efficiency as influenced by method of phosphorus application
    Syed Manzarul Alam, Syed Azam Shah, and Mohammad Akhter
    Pages : 175 |     PDF [485 K]
  Effect of dexamethasone on differential white blood cell counts and heterophil : Lymphocyte ratio in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
    Worapol Aengwanich and Orawan Chinrasri
    Pages : 183 |     PDF [1,974 K]
  Minimum tillage for cassava production in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand
    Somphob Jongruaysup, Vidhaya Trelo-ges and Chindarat Chuenrung
    Pages : 191 |     PDF [390 K]
  Yield trial of baby corn (Zea mays L.) in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Songkhla Provinces
    Sakda Choto, Watcharin Soonsuwon, Vinich Sereeprasert, Theera Eksomtrames, and Thongchai Chushirt
    Pages : 199 |     PDF [362 K]
  Growth of a diatom Amphora delicatissima in dark heterotrophic culture
    Chompoonuch Chairatana, Sorawit Powtongsook, and Somkiat Piyatiratitivorakul
    Pages : 205 |     PDF [431 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Frame element including effects of reinforcement slippage for nonlinear analysis of R/C structures
    Suchart Limkatanyu and Agarat Samakrattakit
    Pages : 213 |     PDF [740 K]
Physical Science and Mathematics
  Development of a computer program to investigate electrical properties of Phuket pineapple leaf single cells by using dielectrophoresis
    Sorawuth Bunthawin, Puwadon Butrat, and Maneerat Boonlamp
    Pages : 227 |     PDF [599 K]
  HIV-1 protease inhibitory effects of medicinal plants used as self medication by AIDS patients
    Supinya Tewtrakul, Sanan Subhadhirasakul, and Sopa Kummee
    Pages : 239 |     PDF [311 K]
  Development of indomethacin sustained release microcapsules using chitosan-carboxymethyl-cellulose complex coacervation
    Waree Tiyaboonchai and Garnpimol C. Ritthidej
    Pages : 245 |     PDF [625 K]
  Isolation and screening of D-amino acid amidase producing bacteria from soil samples
    Tipparat Hongpattarakere, Nucharee Seksun and Areeya Suriya
    Pages : 255 |     PDF [436 K]
  The effect of bubble nest size on sexual selection in wild Siamese fighting fish
    Mullica Jaroensutasinee and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
    Pages : 267 |     PDF [296 K]
  Potential use of probiotics
    Ekachai Chukeatirote
    Pages : 275 |     PDF [68 K]


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