Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST), 2002, 24(1) : 1-176

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  Nitrogen mineralization in soil amended with mesocarp fiber of oil palm and other wastes : A greenhouse study
    Ashara Pengnoo, Wanna Leowarin, Nisakorn Koedsub and Mana Kanjanamaneesathian
    Pages : 1 |    PDF [3,426 K]
  Using SPAD-502 to evaluate the total chlorophyll and nitrogen status in leaves of longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.) and rambutan (Nephelium lappaseum L.)
    Supanee Chanaweerawan and Sayan Sdoodee
    Pages : 9 |    PDF [4,086 K]
  Effect of some environmental factors on arthropod communities in bat guano
    Katawut Chaiyathape, Supparoek Watanasit and Surakrai Permkam
    Pages : 15 |    PDF [8,640 K]
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Antimicrobial activity (in vitro) of polysaccharide gel from durian fruit-hulls
    Vimolmas Lipipun, Nantawan Nantawanit and Sunanta Pongsamart
    Pages : 31 |       PDF [1,211 K]
  Subchronic toxicity of Cissus quadrangularis Linn.
    Aimmanas Attawish, Pranee Chavalittumrong, Songpol Chivapat, Anchalee Chuthaputti, Sadudee Rattanajarasroj and Somkiat Punyamong
    Pages : 39 |      PDF [1,762 K]
Engineering and Industrial Research
  Measurements of true polymer melt temperature in a circular cross-sectional duct by moving temperature sensor
    Somjate Patcharaphun, S. and Narongrit Sombatsompop
    Pages : 53 |      PDF [8,268 K]
  Effect of 1-hexadecanol on mass transfer coefficients for evaporation of water and volatile organic compounds from water at constant temperature
    Charun Bunyakan, Ratchada Tatreemontreechai and Nawarat Prakailertlak
    Pages : 67 |      PDF [5,459 K]
  Efficiency improvement in watermark embedding process
    Thumrongrat Amornraksa and Rapee Puertpan
    Pages : 77 |      PDF [6,994 K]
  Concentration of heavy metals, Mn, Fe, Ni, Pb, Cr and Cd in bottom sediments of the Outer Songkhla Lake deposited between the year B.E. 2520-2538
    Tripob Bhongsuwan and Darunee Bhongsuwan
    Pages : 89 |      PDF [10,297 K]
  Michelson interferometer for the piezoelectric coefficient measurements
    Supasarote Muensit and Panya Kheanumkeaw
    Pages : 107 |      PDF [5,617 K]
  Radiation dose response of calcium carbonate crystal in marine shells samples
    Sommai Changkian and Puangtip Kaewtubtim
    Pages : 117 |      PDF [9,450 K]
  Study of reuse of wastewater from wastewater treatment plant of Songklanagarind Hospital, Prince of Songkla University for irrigation
    Udomphon Puetpaiboon
    Pages : 123 |      PDF [11,761 K]
  Esophagitis and enteritis caused by herpesvirus in pigeons
    Lakhana Egobol and Piphol Suksaithaichana
    Pages : 131 |      PDF [17,908 K]
  Comparison of dissipation models for irregular breaking waves
    Winyu Rattanapitikon and Romanee Karunchintadit
    Pages : 139 |      PDF [2,416 K]
  A study of radioactive elements of various rocks in Pattani Province with gamma ray spectrometer
    Puangtip Kaewtubtim, Sommai Changkean and Haroom Hemsuree
    Pages : 149 |      PDF [14,220 K]
  Heat stress in chickens
    Worapol Aengwanich and Sujin Simaraks
    Pages : 159 |      PDF [18,227 K]
    Pages : 169 |      PDF [15,851 K]


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