Updated on Jan 20, 2021

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1. SJST-2019-0343.R1 Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) peel extract: antimicrobial and antioxidant activities and its application as a bioactive compound in whey protein isolate film
[522 KB]
2. SJST-2019-0411.R1 In vitro antioxidant potential of Mallotus repandus (Willd.) Muell. Arg stem extract and its active constituent bergenin
[ 428 KB]
3. SJST-2019-0235.R2 Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles by natural organic compounds extracted from Eucalyptus leaves and their role in the catalytic degradation of methylene blue dye
[ 1 KB]
4. SJST-2019-0382.R1 Development of stress block parameters for Steel fibre reinforced GGBS concrete
[ 549 KB]
5. SJST-2019-0126 Fatigue performance and relaxation behavior of deep rolled martensitic stainless steel AISI 420
[ 1 KB]
6. SJST-2019-0295.R2 Attitudes and Perceptions toward Electronic Cigarettes among Undergraduate Health Science Students, Rangsit University, Thailand
[ 336 KB]
7. SJST-2019-0189.R1 Effectiveness of pomegranate rind (Punica granatum Linn.) and guava leaf extract (Psidium guajava Linn.) for inhibition of multidrug resistant Escherichia coli recovered from diarrhoeal piglets
[ 369 KB]
8. SJST-2019-0136.R1 Association of oocyte development with ovarian morphology and gonadosomatic index in the sesarmid crab Episesarma singaporense (Tweedie, 1936)
[ 1 KB]
9. SJST-2019-0300.R1 Expected Mean Squares for Model Effects in the Two-Way ANOVA Model when Sampling from Finite Populations
[ 402 KB]
10. SJST-2019-0270.R1 Influence of Stabilizers and Cryoprotectants on the Characteristics of Freeze-dried PLGA Nanoparticles Containing Morus Alba Stem Extract
[ 889 KB]
11. SJST-2019-0280.R1 Effect of intravaginal device-type and treatment-length on estrus synchronization and reproductive performance of Farahani ewes out of breeding season.
[ 306 KB]
12. SJST-2019-0164.R2 Phenology of Urban Trees in a Tropical Urban Forest in Thailand
[ 1 KB]
13. SJST-2019-0144.R1 Experimental studies and Artificial Neural Network modeling of hydrogen sulfide removal from wastewater by calcium-modified coconut shell based activated carbon
[ 1 KB]
14. SJST-2019-0381.R1 Greedy Strategy for Some Normal m×n Closing Octagons Games and Winning Strategy for Normal 1×n and 2×n Closing Octagons Games
[ 679 KB]
15. SJST-2019-0376 Rheological and Fluid Loss Properties in Water-Based Drilling Fluid by Using the Sugarcane Bagasse as Additives
[ 1 KB]
16. SJST-2019-0380 Influence of Metakaolin and Nano-clay on Compressive Strength and Thickening Time of Class G Oil Well Cement
[ 1 KB]
17. SJST-2019-0091.R1 Solutions of Fredholm integro-differential equations by using Hybrid of block-pulse function and Taylor polynomials
[ 341 KB]
18. SJST-2019-0275.R2 Simplified Analysis of Structures Using Applied Element Method
[ 1 KB]
19. SJST-2019-0254.R2 Predictability by Box-Behnken Model for Removal of Chromium (VI) using Eclipta prostrata (Bhringraj) Plant Powder as an Adsorbent
[ 8 KB]
20. SJST-2019-0415.R1 Aqueous two-phase systems applied to the extraction of syringaldehyde and vanillin from eucalyptus wood residues
[ 426 KB]
21. SJST-2019-0229.R1 Classification of some Boesenbergia and Alpinia extracts and their medicinal products based on chemical composition, antioxidant activity, and concentration of some heavy metals.
[ 652 KB]
22. SJST-2018-0276.R3 Light-Sheet Microscopy for High-Resolution Imaging of Caudoeuraphia caudata (Pilsbry, 1916), a New Record of Acorn Barnacle from Thailand’s Coast and Its Application in Taxonomic Identification and Micro-morphological Studies
[ 1 KB]
23. SJST-2018-0282.R3 New Seven Records of Euphrates River Algae in Iraq
[ 703 KB]
24. SJST-2019-0216.R1 Genetic analysis of growth curve of Afshari lambs by Legendre Polynomials-based Random Regression Models
[ 425 KB]
25. SJST-2019-0389 Distribution of aquatic plants in Nong Han wetland, Thailand
[ 556 KB]
26. SJST-2019-0365.R1 Non-Mutagenic and Genotoxic Effects of Water Extract of Piper sarmentosum Using Ames and Micronucleus Assay
[ 491 KB]
27. SJST-2018-0479.R2 Length-Weight Relationship and Relative Condition Factor of the Kissing Gourami (Helostoma temminckii) from Sungai Batang River, Indonesia
[ 772 KB]
28. SJST-2019-0020.R2 Monieziasis in Domestic Ruminants in Perak, Malaysia
[ 412 KB]
29. SJST-2019-0273.R2 Modified montmorillonite with alkylamine chloroanthraquinone as a colorimetric sensor for detection and separation of Cu2+ from an aqueous solution
[ 1 KB]
30. SJST-2019-0110.R3 Quadratic Parameter Homotopy Function for Solving Polynomial Equations
[ 284 KB]
31. SJST-2019-0083.R1 The Efficiency of Single SNP and SNP-set Analysis in Genome-wide Association Studies
[ 1 KB]
32. SJST-2019-0251.R1 Effect of Direct Electric Current on Human Blood Count
[ 9 KB]
33. SJST-2019-0299.R2 Evaluating the Engineering Properties of Loess Soil Using Seismic Methods
[ 1 KB]
34. SJST-2019-0377.R1 Elastic Taping has little Effect on Recovery of Anaerobic Power after Intensive Exercise in Untrained Females
[ 309 KB]
35. SJST-2018-0182.R1 Features of Jatropha curcas seed oil in relation to different pollination methods
[ 496 KB]
36. SJST-2019-0139.R1 Aggregate Production Planning using Integrated Fuzzy Multi-Objective Optimization with α-Cut Analysis
[ 641 KB]
37. SJST-2019-0313.R1 A New Approach to Fuzzy Group Theory Using (α,β)-Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets
[ 313 KB]
38. SJST-2019-0456.R1 Ultrastructure and elemental depositions of hooks in Centrorhynchus cf. aluconi (Acanthocephala: Polymorphida)
[ 1 KB]
39. SJST-2019-0012.R5 Effect of n-butanol fraction of Detarium microcarpum stem bark on some liver function and oxidative stress parameters in carbon tetrachloride induced hepatic injury in wistar rats
[ 450 KB]
40. SJST-2019-0301.R1 Development of Solid Tire Model for Finite Element Analysis under Compressive Loads
[ 945 KB]
41. SJST-2018-0342.R2 Macrobenthic Invertebrate Community Structure and Heavy Metals Concentrations in The Crab, Uca Tangeri in a Tidal Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria
[ 540 KB]
42. SJST-2019-0261.R2 Effect of Lighting on Amplitude of accommodation among adolescence smartphone users
[ 322 KB]
43. SJST-2019-0483.R1 Super Edge-Magic Labeling for k-Uniform, Complete k-Uniform and Complete k-Uniform k-Partite Hypergraphs
[ 587 KB]
44. SJST-2019-0321.R1 The Electronic Medical Record Exchange Using A Blockchain Technology
[ 823 KB]
45. SJST-2019-0010.R1 Effect of Product Containing Spores of Bacillus cereus strain RS87 on Growth and Yield of Thai Rice Cultivar RD49 Under Water Stress Condition
[ 496 KB]
46.  SJST-2019-0515.R1 Halal Food Analysis using GC-MS combined with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based on Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acid Composition
[ 382 KB]
47. SJST-2019-0437.R1 Bound Conditions on n- Polynomials whose coefficients, roots and critical points are integers
[ 236 KB]
48. SJST-2019-0317.R1 Defatted coconut residue as alternative feedstuff for growing and finishing pigs
[ 303 KB]
49. SJST-2019-0482 A New Non-Probabilistic Divergence Measure of Fuzzy Matrix & its Applications
[ 607 KB]
50. SJST-2018-0405.R1 The ovarian histology of a toadfish Batrachus trispinosus from Pranburi River estuary, Thailand
[ 1 KB]
51. SJST-2017-0456.R2 Constructing virtual mannequins with different postures for purposes of 3D designing of the clothes
[ 516 KB]
52. SJST-2019-0424.R1 Phenolics, anthocyanins and antioxidant activities in different parts of purple waxy corn (Zea mays L.) waste products
[ 278 KB]
53. SJST-2020-0032 An empirical exploration of entropy balancing in estimating treatment effects: Insights from simulation and two applied biomedical studies
[ 789 KB]
54. SJST-2019-0233.R1 Diversity Of Arthropods and Decreased Seed Weight on Various Cocoa Plantation Systems
[ 389 KB]
55. SJST-2019-0374.R1 Non Stationary Exchange Rate Prediction using Soft Computing Techniques
[ 702 KB]
56. SJST-2019-0388.R1 Larval mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) species and observation environmental conditions pitcher plants Nepenthes mirabilis var. mirabilis Songkhla Province, Thailand
[ 420 KB]
57. SJST-2019-0445.R1 Effects of self-posture correction exercise in forward head posture of smartphone users
[ 686 KB]
58. SJST-2020-0034.R1 Development of Agility, Coordination, and Reaction Time Training Device with Infrared Sensor and WiFi Module Arduino in Badminton
[ 454 KB]
59. SJST-2019-0404.R1 Dietary Protein Requirement for Growth Performance and Effects on Carcass Composition of Young Siamese spiny eel, Macrognathus siamensis (GÜnther, 1861)
[ 371 KB]
60. SJST-2019-0501.R2 The stability of pigment in Chaba maple (Hibiscus acetosella Welw. Ex Hiern.) petals extract as natural food and cosmetic colorants
[ 459 KB]
61. SJST-2019-0420.R2 Analytical formulas for pricing discretely-sampled skewness and kurtosis swaps based on Schwartz’s one-factor model
[ 1 KB]
62. SJST-2018-0168.R3 Experimental Study the Effect of Load and Velocity on Vibration of Solid Tire
[ 1 KB]
63. SJST-2019-0385.R2 A study and tests for the age range at risk to Locomotive Syndrome Disease by standing–up test: A case study of sample group in Bangkok Metropolitan Region
[ 851 KB]
64. SJST-2018-0253.R1 Edge beads removal in a photolithography process through a polymer mold
[ 550 KB]
65. SJST-2019-0332.R2 Total domination game on ladder graphs
[ 429 KB]
66. SJST-2018-0206.R1 Observation of gut content and morpho-histology of the digestive system in Pisodonophis boro (Hamilton, 1822) from Pranburi River estuary, Thailand
[ 2 KB]
67. SJST-2019-0312.R1 Effects of sodium bentonite clay as a feed additive on the growth and haematology parameters of hybrid grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus x Epinephelus lanceolatus
[ 304 KB]
68. SJST-2019-0527.R1 Comparison of scapulothoracic muscles onset and deactivation time between individuals with and without inferior angle type of scapular dyskinesis: a cross-sectional study
[ 315 KB]
69. SJST-2020-0085.R1 Isolation of Pisolithus sp., (Sclerodermataceae), the first recording in western Iraq
[ 717 KB]
70. SJST-2020-0014.R1 A Generalization of UP-algebras: Weak UP-algebras
[ 266 KB]
71. SJST-2019-0262.R3 Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activities of Leaf Extracts from Elaeocarpus submonoceras Miq.
[ 551 KB]
72. SJST-2019-0042.R3 Isolation and production of prodigiosin and cycloprodigiosin from marine sponges-associated bacteria of the Andaman coast of Thailand
[ 486 KB]
73. SJST-2019-0323.R2 The Properties of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) Rice Drinks Supplemented with Probiotic and Oligofructose during Chilled Storage
[ 555 KB]
74. SJST-2019-0517.R1 Comparison of Physicochemical and Sensory Evaluation of Polymeric ONS Utilizing Tapioca Maltodextrin DE 7 And DE-19 as a Carbohydrate Source
[ 359 KB]
75. SJST-2019-0551 The Use of Walnut Flour in the Recipe of "Fitness" Buckwheat Bread
[ 530 KB]
76. SJST-2019-0325.R1 Growth Patterns and Relative Condition Factor of Macrobrachium Species from Sungai Batang River, Indonesia
[ 810 KB]
77. SJST-2019-0460.R1 Cosmos caudatus as a Dietary Supplement for Bagrid Catfish, Mystus nemurus
[ 442 KB]
78. SJST-2020-0044.R1 Green synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles using aloevera leaf extract and its optical properties 
[ 562 KB]
79. SJST-2018-0338.R1 Optimization studies of Quantum Dots for photovoltaic solar cell Applications
[ 720 KB]
80. SJST-2019-0161.R1 Non-Linear Modelling of Construction Workers’ Behaviors for Accident Prediction
[ 555 KB]
81. SJST-2020-0071.R1 The potential of Labidura riparia and Euborellia annulipes (Dermaptera) as predators of house fly in livestock. 
[ 339 KB]
82. SJST-2019-0454.R3 Physicochemical and Photocatalytic Activity of Bismuth Oxide Affected by Weak and Strong Bases Precipitants
[ 855 KB]
83. SJST-2018-0315.R1 Effect of Streptomyces sp. St1 on growth of and potential to stimulate anthracene removal by sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) grown in anthracene-contaminated soil
[ 510 KB]
84. SJST-2020-0081.R1 The efficacy of yeast cell wall in the adverse effect of zearalenone on ruminal fibrolytic bacteria and in vitro fermentation
[ 398 KB]
85. SJST-2019-0464.R3 Rice bran oil extraction with mixtures of ethanol and hexane 
[ 781 KB]
86. SJST-2019-0180.R3 Work-related Diseases among Agriculturists in Thailand: A Systematic Review
[ 511 KB]
87. SJST-2019-0499.R2 Palaeovegetation and Palaeoclimate of Tertiary Sediments from Hongsa Coalfield, Xayabouly Province, Lao PDR – Implication from Palynofloras
[ 1 KB]
88. SJST-2019-0516.R2 Iron Decorated n-TiO2 Film with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Irradiation
[ 621 KB]
89. SJST-2020-0048.R1 The Length-Biased Power Garima Distribution and Its Application to Model Lifetime Data
[ 1 KB]
90. SJST-2019-0357.R2 Numerical Solution of Time-Fractional Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burgers Equation via Finite Integration Method by Using Chebyshev Expansion
[ 758 KB]
91. SJST-2019-0532.R1 Forecasting the PM-10 using A Deep Neural Network 
[ 1 KB]
92. SJST-2020-0057.R1 Metabolomics approach towards the chemical distribution in the sponge Penares cf. nux
[ 977 KB]
93. SJST-2019-0426.R1 Phytoestrogen constituents and estrogenic activity of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica callus and its extract preparation for removing cytotoxic constituents
[ 1 KB]
94. SJST-2019-0478.R1 Extraction of Centella asiatica leaves using a mixture of subcritical dimethyl ether and ethanol: optimization of conditions by response surface methodology
[ 810 KB]
95. SJST-2020-0005.R1 Phytochemical constituents of Centotheca lappacea (L.) Desv. using online DPPH assay coupled to LC-ESI-QTOF-MS and headspace GC-MS
[ 1 KB]
96. SJST-2020-0027.R1 Delayed softening of ‘Hom Thong’ banana fruits during postharvest storage following hot water treatment
[ 658 KB]
97. SJST-2020-0046.R2 Development of a Dually Operated Biomass Briquette Press
[ 562 KB]
98. SJST-2019-0472.R1 A method for approximate missing data with hypercircle inequality for data error measured with l^infty norm
[ 1 KB]
99. SJST-2019-0494.R1 Potential of Chlorella sp. exopolysaccharide as adjuvant for Mannheimia haemolytica A2 vaccine in rat model.
[ 1 KB]
100. SJST-2019-0514.R1 Relationship between rheological properties and properties of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose films
[ 362 KB]
101. SJST-2020-0072.R1 Optimization of mixing speed and retention time affecting biogas production from starchy sediment using response surface methodology
[ 358 KB]
102. SJST-2020-0157.R1 Anti-inflammatory Effect of Moringa oleifera Lam. Leaf Extract on UVB-irradiated Human Keratinocytes
[ 789 KB]
103. SJST-2020-0001.R1 Antimutagenicity and anthocyanin of purple hybrid corn during storage in selected packaging materials
[ 800 KB]
104. SJST-2019-0512.R1 Biological activities of novel entomopathogenic fungi, Polycephalomyces phaothaiensis BCC78485 and BCC78486
[ 370 KB]
105. SJST-2019-0519.R1 New Analytic Solutions of Some Fourth-Order Nonlinear Space-Time Fractional Partial Differential Equations by G'/G-Expansion Method
[ 463 KB]
106. SJST-2019-0511.R1 Factors influencing cell differentiation and the expression of cytochrome P450s and transporters in Caco-2 cells
[ 592 KB]
107. SJST-2020-0070.R2 Sensitivity and specificity of C3d staining for the diagnosis of discoid lupus erythematosus
[ 1 KB]
108. SJST-2020-0119.R2 Development and validation of a single‐tube multiplex PCR for rapid screening of Fragile X and Fragile XE syndromes of FMR1 and FMR2 genes
[ 873 KB]
109. SJST-2020-0143.R1 Widely applicable information criterion for estimating the order in a hidden Markov model
[ 714 KB]
110. SJST-2020-0212 Health Risk and Predictive Equation for PM2.5 using TSP and PM10 variables in Office Buildings
[ 413 KB]
111. SJST-2020-0154.R1 Anti-inflammatory Effects of Plant-based Thai Diets in Overweight and Obese Individuals
[ 409 KB]
112. SJST-IFS-2018-01 Effect of growth and nutrient content of striped snakehead fish (Channa striata) through utilization of maggot meal substitution on fish meal for feed utilization efficiency
[ 767 KB]
113. SJST-IFS-2018-02 The impact of feeding algae and canola oil on the growth, survival and reproduction of
Moina sp.

[ 577 KB]
114. SJST-IFS-2018-03 Study of Diversity and Morphometry in Edible Bivalves and Gastropods from a Coastal Wetland in Sarawak
[ 1 KB]
115. SJST-IFS-2018-04 Effect of cleaning by whirlpool washing machine on heavy metal content and external contamination in commercially grown edible red seaweed, Gracilaria fisheri
[ 1 KB]
116. SJST-IFS-2018-05 Temporal Variation in Community Structure of Dragnet (Pukat Tarik) Fishery in Relation to Ecological Variables in an Inshore Area of Sarawak, Malaysia
[ 1 KB]
117. SJST-IFS-2018-06 Microbial community diversity associated with healthy and unhealthy shrimp (Early Mortality Syndrome) from shrimp farm in Malaysia
[ 432 KB]
118. SJST-IFS-2018-07 Effect of Tamarind Seed Supplementation on Growth Performance and Immunity in Sex-Reversed Red tilapia’s Diets (Oreochromis niloticus x O. mossambicus)
[ 560 KB]
119. SJST-IFS-2018-08 Salinity Effect on Fry Development of Hybrid Malaysian Mahseer (Tor tambroides ♂ × Barbonymus gonionotus ♀)
[ 1 KB]
120. SJST-2019-0307.R1 The Role of Smallholder Human Resources on the Performance of the Supply Chain of Cocoa Beans in Central Sulawesi Indonesia: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
[ 267 KB]
121. SJST-2019-0509.R2 Improvements of Poisson approximation for n-dimensional unit cube random graph
[ 320 KB]
122. SJST-2020-0053.R2 Process Simulation of Ethanol Production from Oil Palm Trunk 
[ 805 KB]
123. SJST-2020-0061.R1  An explicit solution of a recurrence differential equation and its application in determining the conditional moments of quadratic variance diffusion processes
[ 275 KB]
124. SJST-2020-0113.R1 Combined Effect of Phase Change Material and Fluid Flow on Solar Thermal Energy Storage
[ 1 KB]
125. SJST-2020-0065.R2 Genetic diversity analysis revealed possible long migration of Black sharkminnow (Labeo chrysophekadion) along the Mekong River
[ 472 KB]
126. SJST-2019-0405.R3 Characterization and Cytogenotoxicity of Water Samples from River Challawa in Kano, Northwest Nigeria
[ 548 KB]
127. SJST-2020-0109.R1 Changes of Digestible Starch Composition and Improvement of Prebiotic Properties in Modified Taro Starch by Heat Treatment
[ 555 KB]
128. SJST-2020-0050.R1 Effects of Alternative Lipid Sources and Levels for Fish Oil Replacement in Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer) Diets on Growth, Digestive Enzyme Activity and Immune Parameters
[ 390 KB]
129. SJST-2020-0124.R1  An analytical formula for pricing interest rate swaps in terms of bond prices under the extended Cox-Ingersoll Ross model
[ 246 KB]
130. SJST-2020-0118.R1 Using wavelet power spectrum analysis to investigate the global solar radiation over Nigeria. 
[ 1 KB]
131. SJST-2020-0185.R2 The genus Osmolindsaea (Lindsaeaceae) in Thailand
[ 830 KB]
132. SJST-2020-0245.R1 Optimal hyperparameter tuning of random forests for estimating causal treatment effects
[ 442 KB]
133. SJST-2020-0082.R1 Ruminal bio-hydrogenation and fermentation in response to soybean oil and fish oil addition to fistulated cattle’s diets
[ 330 KB]
134. SJST-2019-0391.R1 Changes of FSH and LH Receptors Expressions in Rat Testis after Methamphetamine Exposure
[ 977 KB]
135. SJST-2019-0372.R1 Characterization of AA5052-ZrO2 and AA5052-SiO2 Surface Composites fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
[ 1 KB]
136. SJST-2019-0212.R3 The Constrained System Dynamic Modelling for Water Discrepancy Investigation in Bangkok Metropolitan, Thailand
[ 528 KB]
137. SJST-2020-0152.R1 Characterization, metal chelation and anti-cancerous activity of extracelluar melanin pigment produced by Pseudomonas mosselii STSGRDS1
[ 3 KB]
138. SJST-2019-0423.R1 Polyploidy induction of black sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) for yield component improvement
[ 278 KB]
139. SJST-2020-0095.R1 Liver histopathology of selected estuarine fishes from the Pranburi River estuary of Thailand
[ 1 KB]
140. SJST-2020-0267.R1 Dimensionality Reduction- A Soft Set Theoretic and Soft Graph Approach
[ 630 KB]
141. SJST-2018-0259.R1 Fuzzy logic based scheduling of the product families in reconfigurable manufacturing system
[ 750 KB]
142. SJST-2019-0115.R1 Impact of soil amendments and fertilizers on maize (Zea mays L.) growth, yield and soil physical, chemical and biological properties
[ 443 KB]
143. SJST-2019-0198.R1 Assessment of Fertilizers for Improved Productivity of Maize (Zea mays L.) 
[ 437 KB]
144. SJST-2020-0056.R2 Optimizing FeCl2 in Coagulation-Flocculation Treatment of Dye Wastes
[ 802 KB]
145. SJST-2020-0290.R1 Application of interval-valued neutrosophic soft sets in decision making based on game theory
[ 419 KB]
146. SJST-2020-0117.R1 Using Reactive Distillation for Upgrading Bio-Oil from Palm Kernel Shell and Palm Empty Fruit Bunch
[ 806 KB]
147. SJST-2020-0147.R3 Optimized Parameters to tune I-PD Control through Firefly Algorithm for heating operation of plastic injection molding
[ 1 KB]
148. SJST-2020-0099.R1 Isolation and Identification of Fungi Associated with Diseased Freshwater Fishes in Terengganu, Malaysia
[ 612 KB]
149. SJST-2020-0146.R1 The Zero - Truncated Discrete Transmuted Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution and Its Applications
[ 830 KB]
150. SJST-2020-0209.R1 Near surface electrical resistivity structures around an active fault traces in Weh Island, Indonesia
[ 1 KB]
151. SJST-2020-0023.R1 A hybridization of feedforward neural network and differential evolution to forecast fertilizer consumption emphasizing on selecting optimal architecture
[ 475 KB]
152. SJST-2019-0541.R1 Approximations of Normal Distribution by Its q-Generalizations
[ 1 KB]
153. SJST-2020-0242.R1 Removal of copper (II) ions from water by using chicken eggshell fixed-bed columns
[ 565 KB]
154. SJST-2020-0250.R1 Prunus domestica as effective and acceptable treatment for stool softening and relief of constipation symptoms
[ 300 KB]
155. SJST-2020-0184.R1 Effects of surface roughness and alloying element on surface morphology and tribology of low-alloy steel after gas-nitrocarburizing
[ 1 KB]
156. SJST-2020-0058.R1 In vitro ruminal and post-ruminal nutrients degradation due to varying proportions of Leucaena leucocephala and corn oil in the diet
[ 331 KB]
157. SJST-2019-0133.R3 Seasonal ovarian activity in female climbing perch, anabas testudineus (bloch, 1792) from the northern and eastern regions of peninsular Malaysia
[ 837 KB]
158. SJST-2019-0155.R2 Epizootiology, pathogenicity and haemato-immunology associated with Streptococcus agalactiae serotype Ib infection in climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) 
[ 800 KB]
159. SJST-2020-0148.R1 Minimum cost condition of converting waste fat from a fish-canning-factory wastewater treatment system to biofuel
[ 761 KB]
160. SJST-2020-0052.R2 High Performance 2D Convolution utilizing the AVX512 on a Multi-Core Architecture
[ 2 KB]
161. SJST-2020-0238.R1 Alternative Matrix in Cryptography with Hadamard Matrix
[ 427 KB]
162. SJST-2020-0163.R1 Tracking Seasonal Changes of Natural Organic Matter in a Water Treatment Plant in Bangkok Using EEM-PARAFAC Approach
[ 894 KB]
163. SJST-2019-0504.R1 Preparation and Characterization of Gac Loaded Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Patch
[ 969 KB]
164. SJST-2019-0477.R2 The comparison of bilateral strength of thigh muscles in long-distance runners with history of anterior knee pain
[ 325 KB]
165. SJST-2020-0256.R1 Phytochemical and pharmacological activity of Tiliacora triandra (Colebr.) Diels
[ 540 KB]
166. SJST-2020-0360.R1 Effect of pullulanase debranching on the physical and chemical properties of instant Jasmine rice porridges 
[ 813 KB]
167. SJST-2020-0341.R1 Cholesterol-lowering activity and functional characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Thai foods for their potential used as probiotics
[ 749 KB]
168. SJST-2020-0382.R1 Proteomic analyses in fast and slow-cleaving bovine embryos – a search for potential markers of healthy pre-implantation embryos
[ 617 KB]
169. SJST-2020-0004.R2 Validation of improvement in changeover of die bond process using basicmost technique
[ 379 KB]
170. SJST-2019-0536.R1 Identifying the potential activity of Azolla Pinnata through in vitro and sem
[ 500 KB]
171. SJST-2020-0045.R3 Improved growth performance of hybrid grouper (epinephelus fuscoguttatus ♀× e. lanceolatus ♂) fed with green pea-meal based diets
[ 309 KB]
172. SJST-2020-0134.R1 Shoulder Angle Measurement (SAM) System for Home-Based Rehabilitation using Computer Vision with a Web Camera
[ 1 KB]
173. SJST-2020-0137.R1 Monitoring Adverse Drug Reaction on Thai Herbal Remedies (Ya Satree) in Thailand: Observational study
[ 472 KB]
174. SJST-2020-0200.R1 The fabric facial mask enhanced skin permeation of hydrophilic bioactive compounds in Aquilaria crassna leaf extract
[ 573 KB]
175. SJST-2020-0285.R1 Multi-Objective Periodic Maintenance Scheduling and Optimisation via Krill Herd Algorithm 
[ 481 KB]
176. SJST-2020-0299.R1 Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies of Cd2+ Adsorption from Aqueous Solution onto Cellulose Nanocrystal Obtained from Cassava Peel
[ 693 KB]
177. SJST-2020-0405.R1 Development of chitosan edible coatings incorporated with clove essential oil nanoemulsions and its effect on shelf life of fresh-cut mangoes 
[ 580 KB]
178. SJST-2020-0378.R1 The effects of ethanolic extract of Okra fruit, Abelmoschus Esculentus (L.) Moench on cellular senescence in aging neuron
[ 542 KB]
179. SJST-2020-0391.R1 In vitro evaluation of wound healing potential of sulfated galactans from red alga Gracilaria fisheri in fibroblast cells
[ 1 KB]
180. SJST-2020-0115.R1 Length Weight Relationships and Growth Parameters of Five Freshwater Fishes in Raban Lake, Perak, Malaysia
[ 386 KB]
181. SJST-2020-0417.R1 Does ambulatory surgery work for open appendectomy?: A review of paediatric cases with simple appendicitis treated in a single institution
[ 579 KB]
182. SJST-2019-0230.R1 Structural characteristics and physiological responses along the salinity gradients of Ceriops tagal (Perr.) C.B. Rob. dominated mangrove association
[ 448 KB]
183. SJST-2019-0450.R2 Spatial Variations in Biological Aspects of Hippocampus spp. in the Gulf of Thailand
[ 712 KB]
184. SJST-2020-0132.R2 Survival, Growth, and Feeding Ability of Marble Goby, Oxyeleotris marmorata (Bleeker, 1852) Larvae under Delayed Initial Feeding 
[ 417 KB]
185. SJST-2020-0039.R2 Explicit Analytical Solutions for the Average Run Length of Modified EWMA Control Chart for ARX(p,r) Processes
[ 459 KB]
186. SJST-2020-0281.R1 Ensemble Classification Method for Daily Return Stock Market
[ 613 KB]
187. SJST-2019-0379.R2 Modified Thiel and Saturated Salt Solutions for Rabbit Soft Cadaveric Embalming: A Preliminary Study
[ 1 KB]
188. SJST-2020-0318.R1 Separation of diethylpyrocarbonate-modified histidine-containing peptides using strong cation exchange chromatography 
[ 483 KB]
189. SJST-2019-0535.R1 An Efficient Method to Compute Search Directions of an Infeasible Primal-Dual Path-Following Interior-Point Method for Large Scale Block Diagonal Quadratic Programming
[ 435 KB]
190. SJST-2020-0237.R2 Facies analysis of fluvial deposits of Cenozoic Doi Ton Formation in Mae Sot Basin, Western Thailand
[ 2 KB]
191. SJST-2019-0322.R3 Life-history traits of Indian River Shad Gudusia chapra (Hamilton, 1822) in the Mahananda River (tributary of the Ganges River) of northwestern Bangladesh
[ 558 KB]
192. SJST-2020-0439 An algorithm for packing postal items into roll pallets: A case study on local branch of Thailand Post
[ 1 KB]
193. SJST-2019-0188.R3 Automating Plastic Bearing Faults Diagnosis Using Continuous Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
[ 716 KB]
194. SJST-2019-0492.R4 Repetitive Acceptance Sampling Plan for Type-II Generalized Half Logistic Distribution based on Truncated Life Test
[ 413 KB]
195. SJST-2020-0135.R2 Phytochemical profile, antioxidant activity, α-amylase, and α-glucosidase inhibition of banana central pseudo-stem juice
[ 284 KB]
196. SJST-2020-0303.R2 Biologically active compounds in Delonix regia (Flame of forest) seed oil extracted by hexane
[ 286 KB]
197. SJST-2020-0422 Broad activity against fungal phytopathogens of marine Astrosphaeriella striatispora-like species BUCS 055-1 
[ 841 KB]
198. SJST-2020-0169.R4 The effects of dietary supplement with sodium citrate and probiotic on bacterial density in gastrodigestive tract and growth performance of Asian swamp eel (Monopterus albus)
[ 328 KB]
199. SJST-2020-0141.R1 Comparisons between recidivists and non-recidivists on affective, behavioral, and P300 brain activity.
[ 1 KB]
200. SJST-2019-0298.R1 Salinity tolerance of freshwater-derived Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus from the artificial containers of Dumaguete, Philippines 
[ 358 KB]
201. SJST-2020-0243.R1 Development of in vitro culture system for protocorm-like bodies proliferation of Oncidium Golden Anniversary orchid
[ 748 KB]
202. SJST-2020-0340.R1 Linear inequations with 5-digit and regularity conditions on ordered ternary semigroups
[ 353 KB]
203. SJST-2020-0368.R1 Development of combinative method using HPLC fingerprints and quantitative analysis for quality assessment of Chantaleela preparation
[ 1 KB]
204. SJST-2020-0257.R1 Electrochemical drilling and multi response optimization using different methods of assigning weights to the responses for sustainable machining of AA6061-TiB2 in-situ composites
[ 549 KB]
205. SJST-2020-0316.R2 The effects of lumbar flat back posture on upper trunk acceleration during gait: A preliminary study
[ 315 KB]
206. SJST-2019-0335.R1 Examination of Lightweight Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Long-Term Utilizing System Dynamics Modeling Approach
[ 642 KB]
207. SJST-2019-0553.R1 Feedback control of temperature in the pyrolysis process by using microwave heating system
[ 636 KB]
208. SJST-2020-0084.R1 Addition of Sesbania sesban in composts for reducing percentage of horse manure and enhancing the productivity of Agaricus bisporus
[ 411 KB]
209. SJST-2020-0369.R2 Identification of Highly Potent α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Garcinia schomburgkiana and Molecular Docking Studies
[ 678 KB]
210. SJST-2020-0301.R2  The pressure dependence on the critical temperature of MgB2
[ 469 KB]
211. SJST-2020-0396.R1 On the Sensitivity of Robust Control Charts in Monitoring the Contaminated Data
[ 516 KB]
212. SJST-2020-0361.R2 Genetic variation of Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. from Thailand based on essential oil compositions and internal transcribed spacer sequences
[ 466 KB]
213. SJST-2020-0215.R2 Effect of calcium chloride and pH on the nutritive values and In vitro starch digestion of germinated brown rice (GBR), texture and sensory evaluation of rice jelly
[ 476 KB]
214. SJST-2020-0038.R1 Body measurements of beef cows by using mobile phone application and prediction of body weight with regression model
[ 578 KB]


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