Updated on Aug 31, 2017

1 SJST-2015-0116.R2 Adaptive neighbor Synthetic Minority Oversampling TEchnique under 1NN outcast handling
[ 3 KB]
2 SJST-2015-0212.R2 Cost Reduction of Head Stack Assembly Process in Hard Disk Drive Industry with Simulation Modeling and Optimization: Case Study
[ 817 KB]
3 SJST-2016-0018.R4 Existing drug resistance among Staphylococcus spp. from raw milk samples in Khon Kaen province, Northeastern Thailand by direct quadriplex PCR
[ 328 KB]
4 SJST-2016-0096.R2 In vivo evaluation of analgesic and antipyretic activities of piceatannol-rich extract from Senna garrettiana heartwood 
[ 1 KB]
5 SJST-2016-0095.R1 Reed Solomon Inner – Convolutional Outer Concatenated Code with Error-Erasure Decoding for Narrowband and Broadband Power Line Communications
[ 707 KB]
6 SJST-2016-0143.R1 The Application of Modified Differential Evolution with the Supply Chain Management of Rice in the Lower North-Eastern Region of Thailand
[ 552 KB]
7 SJST-2016-0147.R1 Some Results on Fuzzy Hyperconnected Spaces
[ 246 KB]
8 SJST-2015-0305.R1 Whole blood viscosity modeling using Power law, Casson, and Carreau Yasuda models integrated with image scanning U-tube viscometer technique 
[ 461 KB]
9 SJST-2016-0106.R1 Phytoalexin production of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) grown in hydroponics and its in vitro inhibitory effect on plant pathogenic fungi
[ 1 KB]
10 SJST-2016-0107.R1 Bat Algorithm in Discrete Optimization: A Review of Recent Applications
[ 1 KB]
11 SJST-2016-0173.R1 Hyperideals and Hypersystems in LA-hyperrings
[ 260 KB]
12 SJST-2015-0310.R1 Diurnally-micrometeorological responses to different vegetation cover in a highly-deforested tropical area in Nan, Northern Thailand during the early Asian summer monsoon 
[ 879 KB]
13 SJST-2016-0009.R2 Boundary Expansion Algorithm of a Decision Tree Induction for an Imbalanced Dataset 
[ 555 KB]
14 SJST-2016-0040.R1 Growth of Immature Rubber Trees Planted in Abandoned Paddy Field and Upland Areas in Relation to Soil Properties and Leaf Nutrients
[ 415 KB]
15  SJST-2016-0204 The Development of a Municipal Solid Waste Dynamic Model in Bangkok Thailand
[ 684 KB]
16 SJST-2015-0264.R1 Soil and biomass carbon stocks in forest and agricultural lands in tropical climates 
[ 494 KB]
17 SJST-2016-0155.R2 Biplot Analysis of Agronomic and Yield Trait Relations in Tenera Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)
[ 371 KB]
18 SJST-2016-0238.R1 Effect of modified atmosphere packaging with varied gas combinations and treatment on the quality of minimally-processed litchi fruits 
[ 1 KB]
19 SJST-2016-0045.R2 Improvement of drought tolerance in Thai rice cultivar RD6 through somaclonal variation
[ 580 KB]
20 SJST-2016-0218.R1 Molecular DNA identification of blood sources fed on, for Culicine mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) collected in the Songkhla province, southern Thailand 
[ 977 KB]
21 SJST-2015-0335.R1 The extension of raw milk quality during storage through supplementation of hydrocyanic acid from fresh cassava peel in dairy cattle diet
[ 389 KB]
22 SJST-2016-0164.R1 Undrained lateral capacity of I-shaped concrete piles
[ 1 KB]
23 SJST-2016-0169.R1 Comparative Effects of Coconut Water and N-Acetyl Cysteine on the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis of Male Rats
[ 512 KB]
24 SJST-2016-0034.R1 Mathematical Model to Predict Heat Transfer in Transient Condition of Helical Oscillating Heat Pipe
[ 731 KB]
25 SJST-2016-0296.R1 A Computational Study of Adsorption of Divalent Metal Ions on Graphene Oxide
[ 671 KB]
26 SJST-2016-0179.R1 Analytical Explicit Formulas of Average Run Length for Long Memory Process with ARFIMA Model on CUSUM Control Chart
[ 362 KB]
27 SJST-2016-0167.R1 3D Plane Cuts and Cubic Bézier Curve for CT Liver Volume Segmentation According to Couinaud’s Classification
[ 496 KB]
28 SJST-2016-0292.R1 The prevalence and risk factors of metabolic syndrome a suburban community in Pathumthani province, Thailand
[ 419 KB]
29 SJST-2015-0132.R2 Microbial diversity analysis of thermophilic hydrogen-producing consortia from hot spring in the south of Thailand and evaluate cashew apple juice as a substrate
[ 676 KB]
30 SJST-2016-0178.R1 Fish by-product meal served as a good protein source in the formulated diets for red tilapia fry
[ 433 KB]
31 SJST-2016-0019.R3 Optimization of reducing sugar production from the enzymatic hydrolysis of banana peel using response surface methodlogy
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32 SJST-2016-0251.R1 Q-fuzzy sets in UP-algebras
[ 345 KB]
33 SJST-2016-0055.R1 Cross-Border Shipment Routes Selection Utilizing the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method
[ 520 KB]
34 SJST-2016-0184.R1 Recycling of melamine formaldehyde waste as fine aggregate in lightweight concrete
[ 2 KB]
35 SJST-2016-0280.R1
Phases of Time, Mental Workload and Pilot Age; A Case study: Indonesian Civilian Pilot
[ 326 KB]
36 SJST-2015-0323.R2 Development of ε-insensitive smooth support vector regression for predicting minimum miscibility pressure in CO2 flooding
[ 436 KB]
37 SJST-2016-0186.R2 Leaf Phenology and Wood Formation of White Cedar Trees (Melia azedarach L.) and Their Responses to Climate Variability
[ 3 KB]
38 SJST-2016-0181.R1 In vitro adhesion property and competition against enteropathogens of Lactobacillus strains isolated from Thai infants
[ 437 KB]
39 SJST-2016-0158 Predicting prices of agricultural commodities in Thailand using combined approach emphasizing on data pre-processing technique
[ 400 KB]
40 SJST-2016-0248.R1
Kinetics and Control of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Esterification for a Feasible Biodiesel Production
[ 1 KB]
41 SJST-2015-0297.R7 The Use of Wood Vinegar as a Fungus and Malodor Retarding Agent for Natural Rubber Products 
[ 441 KB]
42 SJST-2016-0087.R1 On R-left cancellative semigroups
[ 292 KB]
43 SJST-2016-0202.R1 The Dynamic Model of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Bangkok Thailand
[ 485 KB]
44 SJST-2016-0220.R1 Electrical conductivity and physical changes of functionalized carbon nanotubes/graphite/stainless steel (SS 316L)/polypropylene composites immersed in an acidic solution
[ 909 KB]
45 SJST-2015-0338.R3 Utilization of Waste from Concentrated Rubber Latex Industry for Composting with Addition of Natural Activators
[ 546 KB]
46 SJST-2016-0170.R2 Silica Gel Derived from Palm Oil Mill Fly Ash
[ 2 KB]
47 SJST-2015-0343.R1 Effects of Drying Temperatures on the Physicochemical Properties of Germinated Brown Rice
[ 493 KB]
48 SJST-2016-0141.R1 Coordinating a two-level supply chain with defective items, inspection errors and price sensitive demand
[ 492 KB]
49 SJST-2016-0299.R2 Electrochemical studies on corrosion resistance of phosphate chemical conversion coatings on low carbon steel API 5L grade B
[ 1 KB]
50 SJST-2016-0345.R1 Periostin staining within renal tissues from IgA nephropathy patients
[ 979 KB]
51 SJST-2016-0182.R1 A preliminary study to determine the potential of a prototype feeding stimulant in improving the weaning of juvenile marble goby (Oxyeleotris marmoratus)
[ 395 KB]
52 SJST-2016-0222.R1 Tuna viscera hydrolysate products prepared by different enzyme preparations improve the feed intake and growth of Asian seabass, Lates calcarifer, fed total fishmeal replacement diets
[ 483 KB]
53 SJST-2016-0283 Different coral compositions reflect contrasting environmental patterns of inshore and offshore reef habitats in Thailand 
[ 534 KB]
54 SJST-2016-0246.R1 Nurse Scheduling in Emergency Department: Case Study of a Thai University Hospital 
[ 412 KB]
55 SJST-2016-0198.R1 Performance, Carcass Quality and Fatty Acid Profile of Crossbred Brahman Beef Steers Receiving Palm or Rice Bran Oil
[ 371 KB]
56 SJST-2015-0300.R4 Robust Multi-Model Predictive Control of Multi-Zone Thermal Plates System
[ 3 KB]
57 SJST-2016-0150.R1 The Productivity Improvement For Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit Assembly 
[ 2 KB]
58 SJST-2016-0350.R1 A study on an M/G/1 retrial G-queue with unreliable server under variant working vacations policy and vacation interruption
[ 489 KB]
59 SJST-2016-0270.R1 Modifying the Properties of Whey Protein Isolate Edible Film by Incorporating Palm Oil and Glycerol
[ 1 KB]
60 SJST-2016-0390 A simple and reproducible protocol for plant regeneration and cryopreservation of Grammatophyllum specinocum BL. 
[ 827 KB]
61 SJST-2016-0201.R1 Gastroprotective effects of methanolic extract of kratom leaves on gastric ulcer and reflux esophagitis in rats
[ 891 KB]
62 SJST-2016-0297.R1 Pellet Activated Carbon Production using Parawood Charcoal from Gasifier by KOH Activation for Adsorption of Iron in Water
[ 2 KB]
[ 810 KB]
64 SJST-2016-0153.R1 Effects of dietary levels of fresh cassava pulp in dairy cattle diet on productive performance and keeping quality of raw milk
[ 562 KB]
65 SJST-2016-0342.R1 Neutrosophic Vague Soft Multiset for Decision under Uncertainty
[ 520 KB]
66 SJST-2016-0419.R1 In vitro propagation through transverse thin cell layer (tTCL) culture system of lady’s slipper orchid : Paphiopedilum callosum var. Sublaeve
[ 744 KB]
67 SJST-2016-0456.R1 Abrogation of ALK5 in hepatic stellate cells decreases hepatic fibrosis and ameliorates liver damage in mice following treatment with thioacetamide 
[ 1 KB]
68 SJST-2016-0457.R1 Electron microscopy reveals the ultrastructure and the chromatin organization of Holothuria scabra male germ cells
[ 8 KB]
69 SJST-2015-0346.R1 Electrical Characteristics of Pure and Contaminated Latex Serum
[ 441 KB]
70 SJST-2016-0313.R2 Hajos Stable Graphs
[ 373 KB]
71 SJST-2016-0412.R1 Field Comparison between Electrostatic Charge and Light Scattering Monitors for Continuous Monitoring of Airborne PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 Mass Concentrations
[ 1 KB]
72 SJST-2016-0413.R1 Field Evaluation of an Electrostatic PM2.5 Mass Monitor 
[ 2 KB]
73 SJST-2016-0235.R2 Structural Properties of Mechanically Ball-Milled Porous Silicon
[ 1 KB]
74 SJST-2016-0243.R1 Effects of loading rate and temperature on strength and deformability of Maha Sarakham salt
[ 1 KB]
75 SJST-2016-0407 Recording novel mushrooms in Heet district, Iraq
[ 2 KB]
76 SJST-2016-0447.R1 Preliminary notes on distribution of Himalayan Plant Elements: A case study from Eastern Bhutan
[ 748 KB]
77 SJST-2016-0185.R1 Effect of the temperature-humidity index and Lactation stage on milk production traits and somatic cell score of dairy cows in Iran
[ 717 KB]
78 SJST-2016-0138.R2 Some Reproductive Biological Aspects of Gray-Eel Catfish, Plotosus canius Hamilton, 1822 spawner in Pattani Bay, Thailand
[ 1 KB]
79 SJST-2016-0215.R1 Effects of dietary inclusion of fish blood by-product from canning industry on growth and digestive enzyme activity in Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931)
[ 363 KB]
80 SJST-2016-0290.R1 Characterization of Molting Stages in the Giant Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii Using Setagenesis of Pleopod
[ 1 KB]
81 SJST-2016-0450 Intuitionistic fuzzy soft game theory
[ 371 KB]
82 SJST-2016-0414 New Bounds on Poisson Approximation to the Distribution of a Sum of Negative Binomial Random Variables
[ 366 KB]
83 SJST-2016-0031.R1 An initial assessment of factors affecting biogas production by the fermentation of oil palm wood in homestead conditions
[ 652 KB]
84 SJST-2016-0317.R1 Application of Wavefront Reinforcement Model for Reduction Blast-induced Ground Vibration
[ 967 KB]
85 SJST-2016-0432.R1 Mechanical performance of consolidated crushed salt as backfill in boreholes and shafts
[ 1 KB]
86 SJST-2016-0491.R1 Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Energy Performance of President’s Office, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
[ 1 KB]
87 SJST-2016-0322.R1 Effect of time varying fracture skin porosity on the contaminant transport mechanism in fractured porous media
[ 767 KB]
88 SJST-2016-0359.R1 Analysis and Design of Nomographs for Minimum Headway Calculation
[ 1 KB]
89 SJST-2016-0277.R1 Interrelationships among Key Profit Factors of Vietnamese Residential Projects Using Structural Equation Modelling
[ 540 KB]
90 SJST-2016-0242.R2 Optimal doses and neuroprotective effects of prolonged treatment with young coconut juice in orchidectomized rats. A preliminary study.
[ 2 KB]
91 SJST-2016-0437.R1 A simple synthesis and characterization of LaMO3 (M=Al, Co, Fe) perovskite via chemical co-precipitation method
[ 809 KB]
92 SJST-2016-0267.R1 A Comparison Study on Elasticity of Rubberized Concrete with and without PET fibre
[ 873 KB]
93 SJST-2016-0351.R1 Genotype of Javanese Backyard Waterfowls Based on Antiviral Mx Gene
[ 579 KB]
94 SJST-2016-0365.R1 Corrected Score Estimators in Linear Multivariate Multiple Regression Models with Heteroscedastic Measurement Errors
[ 595 KB]
95 SJST-2016-0047.R2 A New Method of Image Denoising Based on Cellular Neural Networks
[ 1 KB]
96 SJST-2016-0309.R2 Springback and sidewall-curl prediction in U-bending process of AHSS through finite element method and artificial neural network
[ 813 KB]
[ 382 KB]
98 SJST-2016-0423.R2 Modification and Evaluation of Tools for Pharmaceutical Care of Patients with Schizophrenia in Non-psychiatric Hospitals
[ 382 KB]
99 SJST-2016-0295.R1 Optimization of Glucose Production from Corncob by Microwave-assisted Alkali Pretreatment and Acid Hydrolysis 
[ 757 KB]
100 SJST-2016-0194.R2 Batch adsorption and isothermic studies of Malachite green dye adsorption using Leucaena leucocephala biomass for potential adsorbent in water treatment
[ 686 KB]
101 SJST-2016-0216.R2 Willingness to Pay for Biological diversity Conservation of the Lower Mekong River Basin in Thailand: A Contingent Valuation Study
[ 415 KB]
[ 865 KB]
103 SJST-2016-0175.R3 Risk of rear occupant injuries under seat configuration in extended cab pickup truck: Actual left offset-frontal collision in Thailand
[ 743 KB]
104 SJST-2016-0508 Khatri-Rao sums for Hilbert space operators
[ 257 KB]
105 SJST-2016-0119.R1 A Drowsiness Detection Method based on Displacement and Gradient Vectors
[ 573 KB]
106 SJST-2016-0323.R2 Genetic diversity, genetic variability, and path analysis for yield and its components in indigenous upland rice (Oryza sativa L. var. glutinosa) 
[ 424 KB]
107 SJST-2016-0281.R1 Phylogenetic relationships of Kaempferia plants based on Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) fingerprints
[ 2 KB]
108 SJST-2016-0428.R1 Experimental and Numerical Study of Solidification Process in Saturated Porous Media (Influence of the Solid Particle, Types and Freezing Temperature)
[ 754 KB]
109 SJST-2015-0337.R1 Effects of temperature and time of ion-exchange on the mechanical behavior of chemically toughened soda-lime glass
[ 529 KB]
[ 541 KB]
111 SJST-2016-0338.R1 Species identification of economic bamboos in the genus Dendrocalamus using SCAR and multiplex PCR
[ 779 KB]
112 SJST-2016-0438.R1 Alternative Energy under the Royal Initiative of His Majesty the King: Ethanol from Nipa Sap with Yeast Isolated
[ 990 KB]
113 SJST-2016-0501.R1 Photocatalytic antibacterial performance of PVP-doped SnO2/TiO2 thin films coated on glass fibers
[ 876 KB]
114 SJST-2016-0488.R1 Quercetin improves survival rate of cisplatin-induced acute nephrotoxicity: renal clearance and histopathological study
[ 1 KB]
115 SJST-2016-0417.R1 Using Probabilistic Neural Network to Analysis the Binary Stars Schulte 3, EY Cep, HD 101131 and Haro 1-14c 
[ 731 KB]
116 SJST-2016-0494.R1 Cryopreservation of Cymbidium finlaysonianum Lindl. by Encapsulation-Dehydration Method 
[ 2 KB]
117 SJST-2016-0214.R1 Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on the Distribution of Endemic Subalpine and Alpine Plants of New Guinea
[ 1 KB]
118 SJST-2016-0385.R1 Improved methods for the analysis of circadian rhythms in correlated gene expression data
[ 527 KB]
119 SJST-2017-0013.R1 Supramaximal vs Functional High-Intensity Interval Training on Macrovascular Reactivity in Young Male Athletes
[ 496 KB]
120 SJST-2017-0110 Pollination ecology of Rhynchosia beddomei Baker (Fabaceae), an endemic medicinal shrub in the southern Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh, India 
[ 2 KB]
121 SJST-2016-0328.R1 Potential of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) and Yam Bean (Pachyrhizus erosus) Plants for Phytoremediation of Anthracene- and Pyrene-Contaminated Soil
[ 627 KB]
122 SJST-2016-0387.R1 Identification of human DNA by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technique combine with white ring precipitation of Cu(OH)2
[ 1 KB]
123 SJST-2017-0053 Characterizations of Rational Numbers by SEL Series and Alternating SEL Series Expansions
[ 319 KB]
124 SJST-2016-0409.R2 Evaluation of aromarker allele and quality attributes of Tai Phuan rice landrace (variety Kai Noi) from northern Laos
[ 629 KB]
125 SJST-2016-0449.R2 Solid phase extraction for determination of caffeine and its dimethylxanthine metabolites in rat urine using high performance liquid chromatography and its application
[ 477 KB]
126 SJST-2016-0498.R1 Microencapsulation of citronella oil for mosquito repellent: preparation and evaluation of release characteristics
[ 821 KB]
127 SJST-2016-0176.R2 Effect of chitosan scaffold on bone healing in a rabbit calvarial defect 
[ 2 KB]
128 SJST-2016-0247.R2 The effect of prolonged starvation on blood chemistry of horseshoe crab, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (Chelicerata: Xiphosura)
[ 579 KB]
129 SJST-2015-0307.R1 Bioconversion of cassava starch to bio-ethanol by co-cultures of Amylomyces rouxii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
[ 1 KB]
[ 649 KB]
131 SJST-2016-0376.R1 Spatial variability in phytoplankton community along a transect across the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea: case study 2007 – 2008
[ 906 KB]
132 SJST-2016-0468.R1 Preparation of aluminium doped zinc oxide targets and RF magnetron sputter thin films with various aluminium doping concentrations
[ 909 KB]
133 SJST-2016-0461.R1 Rapid green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and evaluation of their properties for oral diseases therapy
[ 2 KB]
134 SJST-2017-0071 Exact solution of boundary value problem describing the convective heat transfer in fully- developed laminar flow through a circular conduit
[ 758 KB]
135 SJST-2016-0459.R1 Seed germination and seedling growth of rice in response to atmospheric air dielectric barrier discharge plasma
[ 2 KB]
136 SJST-2016-0467.R1 The Use of Aluminum Trialkoxide for Synthesis of Poly(ε-Caprolactone) and Poly(δ-Valerolactone): A Comparative Study
[ 1 KB]
137 SJST-2017-0064.R1 Self- care behaviors in Vietnamese adults with heart failure
[ 365 KB]
138 SJST-2016-0356.R2 A Modified Box and Cox Power Transformation to Determine the Standardized Precipitation Index
[ 689 KB]
139 SJST-2016-0061.R1 Amino acid analysis of lipases from oil pollutant isolates: Cunninghamella verticillata and Geotrichum candidum
[ 2 KB]
140 SJST-2016-0473.R1 Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Average Run Length Integral Equations for an EWMA Control Chart over a Long Memory SARFIMA Process
[ 480 KB]
141 SJST-2016-0211.R2 Effects of Ensiled Aspergillus oryzae and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cassava Pulp as Replacement for Concentrate on Ruminal Fermentation in Rumen-Fistulated Cows
[ 376 KB]
142 SJST-2016-0329.R1 The effect of Controlled Internal Drug Release device (CIDR) and progesterone sponge on short-term estrus synchronization in Zandi ewes during the breeding season
[ 313 KB]
143 SJST-2017-0022.R1 Development Of Nonparametric Geographically Weighted Regression Using Truncated Spline Approach
[ 480 KB]
144 SJST-2016-0429.R2 Biosorption of Rhodamine B by Organo-Pomelo Peel: Kinetics, Mechanistic and Thermodynamics studies
[ 1 KB]
145 SJST-2017-0049.R1 Stability and Hopf bifurcation on an SEIR delayed model with logistic growth 
[ 2 KB]
146 SJST-2016-0192.R1 Antioxidation and wound healing activity of a recombinant protein from Penaeus monodon 
[ 782 KB]
147 SJST-2016-0353.R4 Nipa sap pretreatment for bioethanol fermentation
[ 1 KB]
148 SJST-2017-0031.R1 Effect of design parameters for esterification pretreatment by modified reactive distillation of high free fatty acid oil with ethanol 
[ 1 KB]
149 SJST-2016-0384.R2 Fresh cassava peel in dairy cattle diet: Effects on milk production, hygienic quality of raw milk and somatic cell counts
[ 298 KB]
150 SJST-2016-0405.R2 Drought Severity Assessment in the lower Nam Phong River Basin, Thailand 
[ 1 KB]
151 SJST-2016-0403.R2
Removal of toxic heavy metal ions from water with LaAlO3 perovskite
[ 686 KB]
152 SJST-2016-0284.R1 Effects of mangosteen wood vinegar as a potential additive on nutrient digestibility in growing pigs 
[ 338 KB]
153 SJST-2016-0431.R1 Supplementation of duckweed diet and citric acid on growth performance, feed utilization, digestibility and phosphorus utilization of hybrid grouper TGGG (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus x Epinephelus lanceolatus) juvenile
[ 414 KB]
154 SJST-2016-0065.R1 In Silico Analysis of Cysteine Cathepsins Identified from the Transcriptome Profile of Blunt Snout Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala)
[ 1 KB]
155 SJST-2017-0104.R1 Effect of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) grade on water resistance and mechanical properties of particleboard
[ 1 KB]
156 SJST-2016-0333.R2 Investigation of Low-Velocity Impact and Flexural Loading on AR500 Steel / AA7075 Aluminium Alloy Brazing
[ 812 KB]
157 SJST-2016-0301.R1 Effect of vermicompost-chemical mixed fertiliser on the growth and macronutrient use efficiency of upland rice cv. Sakonnakhon 
[ 378 KB]
158 SJST-2016-0307.R2 Utilization of Blue Crab Shells for the Synthesis of Chitosan Nanoparticles and its Characterization
[ 690 KB]
159 SJST-2016-0380.R1 On Gamma-Locally Closed Sets in Fuzzy Bitopological Space
[ 298 KB]
160 SJST-2017-0073.R1 ps-ro fuzzy α-irresolute functions
[ 379 KB]
161 SJST-2017-0163 Existence of Moore-Penrose Inverses in Rings with Involution
[ 768 KB]
[ 715 KB]
[ 934 KB]
164 SJST-2016-0294.R1 Co-Combustion of Rice Husk Pellets and Moisturized Rice Husk in a Fluidized-Bed Combustor Using Fuel Staging at a Conventional Air Supply
[ 650 KB]
165 SJST-2017-0052.R1 Health status in wild and captive Rastrelliger brachysoma from Thailand: Histopathology
[ 3 KB]
166 SJST-2016-0212.R1 Effects of culture medium on growth kinetics and fatty acid composition of Chlorella sp. T12
[ 603 KB]
167 SJST-2017-0084.R1 The discrete weighted exponential distribution and its applications
[ 486 KB]
168 SJST-2017-0143.R1 Predicting the duration of antimalarial treatment with heme degradation inhibitors of blood schizonticides using mathematical models
[ 1 KB]
169 SJST-2016-0392 Optimization of Seed Selection for Higher Product using Interval Valued Fuzzy Soft sets.
[ 1 KB]
170 SJST-2017-0082.R2 Antioxidative and melanin production inhibitory effects of Syzygium cumini extracts
[ 860 KB]
171 SJST-2017-0138.R1 The effects of continuous aerobic training versus weight training with high-intensity intermittent exercise on physical performance, hormonal responses, and psychological fitness in Thai military
[ 436 KB]
172 SJST-2016-0199.R1 Goat meat: some factors affecting fat deposition and fatty acid composition 
[ 419 KB]
173 SJST-2016-0474.R1 Morphological investigation and analysis of ribosomal DNA phylogeny of two scale-worms (Polychaeta, Polynoidae) from the Gulf of Thailand 
[ 10 KB]
174 SJST-2016-0441.R1 Selective adsorption of indium ions on polyacrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid-grafted-natural rubber
[ 616 KB]
175 SJST-2017-0023.R3 Enrichment of Vitamin E in Palm Fatty Acid Distillate using Sequential-Cooling Urea–Fatty Acid Complexation 
[ 390 KB]
176 SJST-2017-0145.R1 MWCNT/Silica Aerogel: Preparation, Characterisation and Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis and Decolourisation of Aqueous Dye Solutions
[ 579 KB]
177 SJST-2017-0249 The Topp-Leone generalized Rayleigh distribution and its applications
[ 918 KB]
178 SJST-2016-0482.R1 A Memetic Algorithm to Minimize the Total Sum of Earliness Tardiness and Sequence Dependent Setup Costs for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems with Job Distinct Due Windows 
[ 678 KB]
179 SJST-2017-0039.R1 Occurrence and estrogenic risks of endocrine disrupting chemicals in wet and dry seasons of the Nan River, Phitsanulok, Thailand
[ 1 KB]
180 SJST-2017-0144.R2 Sutte Indicator : an Approach to Predicting the Direction of Stock Market Movement
[ 416 KB]
181 SJST-2016-0262.R1 Elective Course Recommendation Model for Higher Education Program
[ 495 KB]
182 SJST-2017-0207.R1 Effects of habitat structure and salinity on growth and survival of juvenile Mangrove Red Snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Forsskal, 1775)
[ 1 KB]
183 SJST-2017-0136.R1 Vasorelaxant mechanisms of camboginol from Garcinia dulcis in normotensive and 2-kidneys-1-clip hypertensive rat
[ 1 KB]
184 SJST-2017-0017.R2 An Alternative Organic Dietary in Preventing Hyperlipidemia in Cholesterol-Fed Sprague-Dawley Rats by Arthrospira (Spirulina platensis)
[ 247 KB]
185 SJST-2017-0112.R1 Physico-Chemical Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Distribution Along Sungai Asah In Pulau Tioman, Johor, Malaysia.
[ 573 KB]
186 SJST-2017-0033.R4 “Interactive effects of O2 level and Fe supply on growth, morphology and mineral allocation of hybrid Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum × P. americanum cv. Pakchong1)”
[ 1 KB]
187 SJST-2016-0509.R1 Optimization of succinic acid production by succinic acid bacteria isolated in Thailand
[ 1 KB]
188 SJST-2017-0079.R1 Compressive strengths of Maha Sarakham salt under constant σm and constant σ3 stress paths
[ 1 KB]
189 SJST-2017-0055.R1 Feeding value of dried cashew nut testa in finishing pigs: Effects on nutrient digestibility and gut morphology
[ 356 KB]
190 SJST-2015-0216.R1 Examining the role of top managers’ leadership style on logistics firm transportation efficiency and profitability
[ 420 KB]
191 SJST-2017-0063.R1 Roles of aboveground roots facilitating sedimentation and elevation change in a mangrove forest behind bamboo seawalls
[ 718 KB]
192 SJST-2017-0225.R1 Quantitative analysis of a phenanthrene from Eulophia species by TLC-image analysis method
[ 465 KB]
193 SJST-2017-0140.R1 Genetic Variation of Improved Oil Palm Tenera Hybrid Populations Using Morphological and SSR Markers
[ 644 KB]
194 SJST-2016-0476.R1 The Effects of Metarhizium guizhouense PSUM02, Petroleum Oil, and Azadirachta excelsa Seed Kernels Extract Against Zeugodacus cucurbitae
[ 655 KB]
195 SJST-2017-0126.R2 Low Cost Fabrication of Permanent Magnet for Low Speed Wind Turbine Generators Using Waste Motors 
[ 1 KB]
196 SJST-2017-0088.R2 The Physicochemical Properties and Potential of the Lotus Seed Flour as Wheat Flour Substitute for Noodles 
[ 465 KB]
197 SJST-2017-0165.R1 Numerical methods for finding multiplicative inverses of a modulo N 
[ 541 KB]
198 SJST-2017-0137.R2 An Approximation of Average Run Length using the Markov Chain Approach of a Generally Weighted Moving Average Chart for Monitoring the Number of Defects
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199 SJST-2017-0178.R1 Effectiveness of Cold Therapy in Reducing Acute Pain among Persons with Cardiac Surgery: Randomized control trial
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