PSU Disciplines of Excellence Strategy


Since there are research studies in many disciplines, the university has designated
Disciplines of Excellence Strategy to serve as a national bank of knowledge in 10 following areas:

Strategy 1. Songkhla Lake Basin, focuses on natural forest restoration, aquamarine animal resources restoration, management of land/coastal line/basin-watercourse, water resource management, environmental management, community management and utilization.

Strategy 2. Palm oil/Biodiesel/renewable energy and energy conservation, focuses on palm technology development, oil and palm oil, palm oil industry, bio energy, water and wind power, policy on other types of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Strategy 3. Food/sea food, focuses on sea food, health food, vegetable and fruits and Halal food.

Strategy 4. Ocean and coastal line, focuses on database management for development, transnational labor in the coastal area, business and industry management, raising aquatic animals along the coastline, marine and coastal science, coastal erosion.

Strategy 5. Rubber, focuses on plant genetics selection and improvement, genetics examination, rubber plantation technology management, production extension, mid-season products, rubber tree wood products, rubber innovation, socio-economic and environmental aspects of rubber industry, policy-based research, products technology and development.

Strategy 6. Southern border provinces, focuses on education management, multi-culture, Islam study, good governance, database management and development, Islam hospitals, increasing values of local handicrafts, business and industry management, building cooperation with culture, border trade and poverty management.

Strategy 7. Tourism, focuses on cultural tourism, cultural ecology management, database management for tourism development, small hotel management, business and industry management, health system management in tourism industry, medical tourism, fashion tourism (Muslim), eco-tourism, and local tourism (sea and coastal).

Strategy 8. Logistics, focuses on logistics management and supply chain to link Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to general supply chain, logistics productivity of Thai agricultural products, food safety quality assurance and logistics livelihood of members in supply chain.

Strategy 9. Social development toward becoming ASEAN, focuses on economy, politics and security, society and culture.

Strategy 10. Disaster management in southern Thailand, focuses on flood, windstorm, land slide and earthquake/Tsumani.

Strategy 11. Health science, focuses on comunity health care, research of drug development, health management and prevention, drug resistant and technology and molecular medicine.

Date: 10 Jan.2013

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