PSU Research Development and Graduate Program Policy


Policy 1 Creating a research culture and developing a researcher’s potentials
            Building the organization’s culture, in which research is conducted with passion and a researcher’s potential is maximized, to support a Research-oriented University. Creating a system where faculty members are working across campus as well as working in industrial sector.

Policy 2 System and Basic Foundation Development
            Developing a system and supporting factors to facilitate and motivate personnel to continuously conduct researches.

Policy 3 Accelerated Graduate Program
            The strategy aims to increase graduate students, especially in Ph.D. program, and graduate programs that emphasize the university’s strength and disciplines of excellence, student transfer and graduate study curriculum.

Policy 4 Motivate researches in Humanities, Social Science and Health Science 
            Motivate research network in Humanities, Social Science and Health Science and increase the number of research being utilized or published in international publications.

Policy 5 Disciplines of Excellence Strategy
            Using integrated research and for-profit funding style to manage research network or research groups toward excellence at the national and the international level.

Policy 6 Organizational Relation and Network Strategy
            Using organizational relation as a tool to find research budget sources, spread reputation about the university’s researches and build cooperation with outside organizations.

Policy 7 Research Benefits and Profits Strategy
            The strategy aims to make profit out of the researches and innovations by building PSU Science Park, synthesizing researches and applying the researches in all possible measures.

Date: 10 Jan.2013

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