2. University Budget

There are 12 categories of grants that are divided into 2 types: grants for research projects and grants for researchers.

a. Grants for research projects

(1) General Projects and Invention

A qualifying proposal must be a research project or invention or prototype.
The research project is expected to be published in academic publications, to be submitted for patent or to be utilized in other academic areas.

The grant is divided into 2 levels: up to 400,00 Thai Baths for a research aiming to be published in publications in ISI database or Scopus, or to receive patent; up to  200,000 Thai Baths for a research aiming to be published in other academic publications or to receive patent.

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(2) Grant for Researcher Development

This type of grant is designed to support a first-time researcher, who has

never received any type of research grant before. A liaison, or a senior researcher, is assigned to provide consultation. Up to 110,000 Thai Baths, including 100,000 Baths for the operational fund and 10,000 Baths to compensate the liaison.

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Note: Applicants can apply for either the general or the researcher development grant, except applicants from Pattanee campus, which already has its own funding for these categories.

(3) Student Project

The university supports student projects that could potentially be
published or submitted for a contest. The project must have already received no less than 50% of funding from its faculty/organization. The university subsidizes no more than 50% of funding or no more than 5,000 Thai Baths per project.

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(4) Institutional Research

This grant supports any of the university personnel who wishes to conduct
research that aims to develop the institution. There are two categories, which include topics of interest and general. The topics of interest category receives up to 100,000 Thai Baths while the general category receives up to 50,000 Baths.

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(5) Undergraduate Industry/Community Research Projects (PSU-CIRPUS)

The proposed research project must involve three key sectors – the
university, the faculty and the industry/community sectors – to resolve current issues in the industry/community. The university provides 40 grants, 20 for the industry sector and 20 for the community sector, up to 50,000 Thai Baths per grant.

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(6) International Cooperation Research

The grant supports researcher’s effort in collaborating research and exchanging experience with other researchers abroad. The study results must be published; receive patent or other intellectual property licensing; or be utilized in academic, policy, public or commercial sectors. Up to 400,000 Thai Baths/grant provided by 3 sponsors – 50% from the candidate’s faculty/organization, 25% from the candidate’s campus, and 25% from the university.

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(7) Beginner Research Scholarship

In order to inspire new Ph.D. graduates to conduct research, the
scholarship provides a research opportunity with a senior researcher, who liaised with the researcher throughout the process. Up to 196,000 Thai Baths is granted, including 7,000 Baths/month to compensate the researcher and 4,000Baths/month to compensate the senior researcher/liaison.

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Please send any questions regarding the above 7 grants to
Ms. Piyaporn Rui-on  Tel. 0-7428-6958 E-mail: piyaporn.r@psu.ac.th 
Ms. Chirawan Leaowpattanapong Tel:0-7428-6957 E-mail: chirawan.l@psu.ac.th 
Ms. Tipwimon Anan Tel. 0-7428-6952 E-mail: tipwimon.a@psu.ac.th

b. Researcher grant, includes 5 following categories:

(1) New Professor Scholarship

Up to 50,000 Thai Baths/scholarship is provided to support research projects by new researchers who seek funding from the university or outside sources.
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(2) Researcher Exchange Program and Cross-Campus Research Grant

PSU is composed of 5 campuses, each of which has its own researches. In
order to promote collaboration among the researchers across these campuses, the university has come up with 2 types of grant – up to 10,000 Thai Baths/grant to send researchers to participate in conferences to improve their specialties; up to 50,000 Thai Baths to arrange for a senior researcher to assist a researcher in another  campus.
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(3) International Research Grant

The grant provides opportunity for PSU researchers to study and exchange knowledge and experience with researchers in other countries. Up to 200,00 Thai Baths/grant for conducting research, up to 80,000 Thai Baths/grant for following up progress of researches conducted by graduate students from PSU. The funding comes from 3 sources – 50% from the candidate’s faculty/organization, 25% from the candidate’s campus, and 25% from the university.
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(4) Methajarn Scholarship

The scholarship supports personnel who has continuously conducted researches and increased academic productivity at the international level. The university thus provides the opportunities for these individuals to attend conferences/seminars; conduct research abroad; provide materials, equipment or software, etc. Up to 200,000 Thai Baths/grant comes from 3 sources – 50% from the candidate’s faculty/organization, 25% from the candidate’s campus, and 25% from the university.
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(5) Prachayajarn Scholarship

Provided to PSU researchers who have shown high potential such as having published more than 10 articles in ISI database. Up to 1,000,000 Thai Baths/year is provided based on the proposing research and commitment to productivity of the research.
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All inquiries about the above 5 grants should be directed to
Ms. Piyaporn Rui-on Tel. 0-7428-6958 E-mail: piyaporn.r@psu.ac.th

Date: 10 Jan.2013

Research and Development Office, Learning Resource Center Building,Floor. 11 - 12, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 Tel. 0-7428-6940-67, Fax 0-7428-6961 E-mail: rdo@group.psu.ac.th