2. National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

NSTDA plays an important role in science and technology development or innovation in Thailand. The types of research that would qualify for grant from NSTDA are as follow:

- Research that aims for commercial or public use

- Research that is valuable in the academic area and develops science and technology of the country

- Research that improves quality, productivity and values of national resources

NSTDA Grants include:

a. NSTDA Chair Professor

The grant aims to create a “chief professor” who is a leader in research and development in science and technology and connecting them to manufacturing and service sectors. The grant supports a research that will enhance competition in the industrial or service sector or overall development of the country. In 2011, there are categories of the grant:

- Alternative energy and Energy efficiency

- Material science appropriate to Thailand

- Environment

- Health science

b. Research Leader Grant

The grant has the following purposes:

- to create strong research group that performs with effective teamwork.
To continuously develop researchers and connect everyone from the students level to the senior researcher level.

- To create the sense of belonging and linking knowledge to
manufacture, service or social sector.

- To inspire research projects that are highly-influential to the economic
or social development, emphasize projects that are in line with 4 Cluster technology program of NSTD.

More details at www.nstda.or.th

Date: 10 Jan.2013

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