1. Office of Thailand Research Fund

The Office of Thailand Research Fund has a mission to support creating knowledge, researchers and research system to answer questions and propose alternatives to the society. Therefore, the Office supports researchers in educational institution, public and private sector, and community to conduct research. The grants are as follow:

(1) Academic Research Grant, consists of 2 categories:

a. Creative Basic Research

- Research group (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Outstanding research professor

- Research that produces new knowledge as a basis for development (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Researcher development (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Research by mid-level professor (National Research and Development in collaboration with The Office of Higher Education Commission)

- Research by Young professor (National Research and Development in collaboration with The Office of Higher Education Commission)

- New researchers

b. Strategic Basic Research Project

Providing support to a set of research projects to create basic research
foundation for national development strategy

- Research projects on herbs, medicines and health supplements

- Research projects to promote sustainable agriculture, post-harvest knowledge and food processing

(2) Research and Development Fund

emphasizes practical application of research, divided into 5 sections:

- National policy and international relation

- Agriculture

- Public welfare

- Community

- Industry

(3) Local Development Grant

Provides support to research projects that provide answer to questions from the community with the community taking part in the research process.

(4) The Royal Jubilee Ph. D. Program

The program’s mission is to strengthen Thailand’s research system and increase potential for competition by increasing number of Ph.D. researchers. The Program has set a goal in phase 1 (1998-2012) to produce 5,000 Ph.D. researchers with 5,000 research projects; in phase 2 (2008-2022) to produce 20,000 Ph.D. researchers with 20,000 research projects.

More details at www.trf.or.th

Date: 10 Jan.2013

Research and Development Office, Learning Resource Center Building,Floor. 11 - 12, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 Tel. 0-7428-6940-67, Fax 0-7428-6961 E-mail: rdo@group.psu.ac.th