1. Pattani Campus

(1) General Research

A qualifying research or invention must be a mid- or high-level and by a researcher from Pattanee campus. The grant serves as a subsidiary fund for a research projects that could not submit for the capital grant in time or in urgent need for a grant but has no other source of funding. Up to 200,000 Thai Baths per grant, only 12 grants are provided per year. The research must be scheduled for completion in less than 2 years.

(2) Researcher Development

Researcher from Pattanee campus who has never received any grant can apply for this grant. The grant includes compensation for a senior researcher who provides consultation to the proposing researcher. There are 3 grants per year, each research must be completed within 2 years, and 100,000 Baths per grant including compensation for the senior researcher.

(3) Pattani Campus Dedevelopment Research

A qualifying research must aim to improve Pattanee campus such as organizational research or research to improve teaching and learning experience.

A qualifying research must be completed within 1 year. The campus provides 2 grants per year, up to 100,000 Baths per grant, for the research that involves problematic organizations and is desirable to the campus. Twenty grants, up to 5,000 Baths per grant, are available for research about teaching and learning.

(4) Directed Research

The grant provides support to researchers, whose projected goals are in

line with the national research strategy, Pattanee research strategy, or the university’s strategy, emphasizing local issues and is a integrated research including more than one subject area.

A qualifying research must schedule to be completed within 3 years. There are
3 grants per year and up to 300,000 baths per grant.

(5) Undergraduate Research and Invention

One hundred grants per year is available for undergraduate students enrolled in research coursework who are interested in special issue project, special education and art thesis. With 100 grants a year, the quota is divided so each faculty has up to 3,000 Baths. A qualifying research must be completed within 6 months.

More details at http://eduservice.pn.psu.ac.th/scholarship/scholar2.php

or contact Ms. Rissa Sares E-mail: narissa-s@bunga.pn.psu.ac.th

Date: 10 Jan.2013

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