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Zinc field test kit

      Zinc field test kit is among the most useful agricultural tools available for farmers and industries. The test kits can help farmers analyze, assess and monitor the zinc deficiency in the soil or to evaluate the quality of zinc fertilizer. For para-rubber latex industries a rapid determination of the content of zinc ... Read more

Novel cost-effective sorbent for toxic chemical analysis

      “Novel cost-effective sorbent for toxic chemical analysis” is a new cost-effective solid phase extraction development to use as an alternative sorbent in the solid phase extraction (SPE) technique. The composite cryogel sorbent combines the high adsorptive ability ... Read more

Real time capacitive affinity sensor system

      A capacitive affinity sensor is a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor that can directly detect an analyte at a very low concentration. The developed real-time capacitive detection system allows the user to observe the association and dissociation of the affinity binding pair during its occurrence. ... Read more

Elbow Plate

      The problem of broken elbow, sometimes involving serious damages like shattered bones and torn ligaments that are untreatable, could result in permanent disability of the elbow and arm. Moreover, the insurgency in 3 southern provinces has affected Thailand’s stability ... Read more

Smile Feet, a healthy insole

      Patients suffering from heel pain, representing 6-10% of the entire patient population at PSU hospital, are not only burdened by medical expense but also difficulty in maintaining daily living such as walking and working. For this reason, Assistant Professor Sunthorn Wongsiri, ... Read more

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