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Development of Analytical Technique for Trace Analysis

      “Development of Analytical Technique for Trace Analysis” is directed towards the development of sample preparation and analytical techniques for trace analysis of contaminants and/or residue in environmental samples, raw materials or products of industrial processes and clinical ... Read more

Study on using the sufficiency economy philosophy in oil palm plantation system of small farm in Surat Thani province.

      The agricultural activities in the South of Thailand are mostly run by smallholder farmers. The present farming systems is changing toward the monoculture, which is likely to worsen the agricultural system ... Read more

The concept of Nirvana in Angkhan Kalayanaphong’s poetry

      This research aims to study the concept of Nirvana in Angkhan Kalayanaphong’s poetry in order to appreciate its meanings and literary values which are significant forces for intellectual stimulation and ethical fortification in contemporary society. ... Read more

Development of Global Precipitation Retrieval Algorithms for Passive Millimeter-Wave Satellites

      Precipitation is a main component of water cycle, is the earth’s main freshwater resource, and is directly related to natural disasters. Accurate global precipitation data are useful for water and natural disaster management, but obtaining the data is difficult since different types of instruments have their own deficiencies. ... Read more

Utilizing sago in cosmetics

      Sago palm is a significant local plant growing in freshwater swamp in the river basin area of lower Southern peninsula of Thailand. The tree is a perennial plant which bears flowers only once at old age before it dies. All parts of sago palm tree could be put to use for example ... Read more

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