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Semi-solid Die Casting using the Gas Induced Semi-Solid (GISS) Technique

      Semi-solid metal forming has been reported to give several advantages compared with conventional die casting. Less gas porosity, reduced solidification shrinkage, heat treatability and reduction in cycle time are some of the advantages [1-3]. Two major routes are used to form semi-solid metal: thixocasting and rheocasting. In thixocasting, grain-refined billets are reheated to the semi-solid range ... Read more

Thailand Research Fund (TRF) backing PSU to develop drought-resistance/high-yield breed of oil palm

     Associate Professor Janjaras Reaowdecha, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Thailand Research Fund (TRF), Research Development Department, and Acting Director of Agriculture Department, and team followed up progress of Oil Pam Project and visited biochemistry and plant tissue culture lab at PSU. The visit was guided by Professor Theera Eksomtramege, Ph. D., Department of Botany, ... Read more

PSU physician developed Cat position for childbirth, shortening delivery time and labor pain

      Pain and anxiety associated with labor are important parts of natural delivery. PSU nurses and physicians developed PSU Cat position and PSU locked up-right, two innovative positions to help significantly ease the labor pain and shorten the labor duration. ... Read more

“Nano Latex Collecting Cup” storing every drop of rubber

      PSU researchers, in collaboration with Thai Latex Association, invented Nano coating products to reduce loss of fresh latex from harvesting to industrial process and is predicted to save 3,000,000 tons of loss latex. Because latex is very dense, there usually are residues left in the collecting cup. The collectors usually let these residues dry up and sell it in form of dry rubber which is cheap and of low quality. Chalongrat Daengngam, Ph.D., researcher of PSU Center of Excellence... Read more

Applied technology to predict precipitation and weather forecast

      On February 7th, 2014, Assistant Professor Chinnawat Surassavadee, Ph. D., director of ESSAND at PSU Phuket, launched a website, which offers world meteorology by using applied technology for precipitation estimation (rain, snow, hail, etc.) ... Read more

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