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Dragon fruit provides prebiotics to stimulate immunity in white rats

      Today’s health risk is mostly about lifestyle including food consumption and exercise as well as environment. To maintain good health and disease-free, one must consume balanced, nutritious meals... Read more

Latex helps nip drug trade in bud

      Getting enough water has always been a struggle in remote highland villages in Lampang’s Ngao district. But help is coming to the villagers in the form of liquid latex. ... Read more

Thai Massage Heals Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

     There has recently been an increased number of incidents of frozen shoulder syndrome in Thailand, more likely among women than men, during ages 50-60. Shoulders are the most performed joints on a daily basis such as raising the arms over head to operate at high angles and ... Read more

PSU’s Intellectual Property in Medicine: Genetic Screening Kit to predict allergy reaction to Carbamazepine

      Carbamazepine is a group of effective and affordable drugs to treat epilepsy, Autism, and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Patients are required to take the medicine for over a long period of time to keep the symptoms in check. The side effect – known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, whose symptoms ... Read more

Oil Palm “Pansup PSU 1”

      Significance of exceptional oil palm breed Oil palm is the highest economical value of all industrial plants of its kind such as soy and coconut. Oil palm attributes to over 1.8 trillion Baths in 2014 while also creates number of jobs throughout its manufacturing chain. In addition, ... Read more

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