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Natural Rubber Pain-relieving Heel Soother

- To build a prototype of a heel soother from natural rubber
- To help patients relieve pressure off the heals to improve quality of life
- To utilize cost-effective therapeutic tool ... Read more

Game-based EMG Biofeedback System for muscle training

     Muscle weakness is caused by many factors and inevitably dampens quality of life such as: 1) Weakness in leg muscles among the elderly causing loss of balance and fall that result in serious injury or death. 2) Muscle weakness in various body parts among victims of vehicular accidents requiring physical therapy to rehabilitate effected muscle groups ... Read more

A-Knife : The Scalpel for Percutaneous Trigger Finger Release

      Trigger finger is common among middle-age men and women. It is caused by nodules in the tendons that trigger as they pull through the tight pulleys causing sticking of the fingers, pain and impairment of the hand. In the beginning, the patient experiences little pain and sticking of the fingers, ... Read more

Self-Adjustable Clavicular Support

      There are 2 treatments for broken clavicle including conservative method and operative method. The conservative method is a kind of treatment to ease pain by using painkiller along with equipment to keep the clavicle in place. The equipment commonly used today is a clavicle brace. ... Read more

Lumbar Support for rubber tapper

      Rubber tapping is one of the main occupations in Thailand. A study reported 55.8% of rubber tappers suffer from back pain caused by working positions such as low-position tapping, forward bending, sideway bending, and twisting, which result in maximum pressure on the intervertebral disk. ... Read more

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