PSU Agro-industry and Department of Science Service Developed Southern OTOP

23 Aus 2017

       PSU Faculty of Agro-Industry in collaboration with Department of Science Service successfully developed OTOP products for Chumpon, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Surat Thani, and Songkhla.

       Associate Professor Dr. Pairat Sophanodora; Head of Development Program for Food and Drinks OTOP Entrepreneur in Southern Region, and Agro-Industry Development Center for Export (ADCET), Faculty of Agro-Industry, PSU, with support from Department of Science Service, Ministry of Science, provided guidance and training to 98 food and drink business operators so to apple and qualify for location permits and food licenses. As a result, ten location permits and licenses for 30 products were obtained.

       Dr. Suthiweth T.Saengchantara, Director of Department of Science Service, informed that the Department has embarked on a mission to integrate applied science and technology to increase capacity, competitiveness, and market opportunity. To date, the Department has helped developed 4,000 OTOP products, 1,600 of which have been approved by Thai Industrial Standards Institute and FDA.

       PSU Faculty of Agro-Industry is in charge of the aforementioned mission in southern region which has proven to be successful in Chumpon, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Surat Thani, and Songkhla. Attributing to the success is because of its identify as an institution that is full of knowledgeable personnel, has close relation with the local community, specialized in product quality control, and enjoys an extensive network of governmental units to educate and improve food and drinks business operation according to the safety standards and thus help the operators obtain permits and licenses as needed.

       Associate Professor Dr. Wirote Youravong, Dean of Faculty of Agro-Industry, mentioned that ADCET, has helped elevated OPTOP products via hands-on operation which has resulted in products meeting standards and guidelines by Community Development Department. For example, ADCET has helped the renowned Chaiya salted eggs, product of Surat Thani province, from packaging design, location of operation, and FDA application. The goal is so OTOP products are not only to sell in Thailand but also to enhance quality of the products to be attractive to tourists and exported to ASEAN market.

       Professor Monthira Iadsen, Director of ADCET, together with Deputy Dean of Office of Academic and Special Affairs, Faculty of Agro-Industry, reported that many business operators have been selected to participate in the training program since March 2016. The training program integrates theories and hands-on learning and has aided operators to gain approval from the Community Standards and FDA for their operations and products. On May 5th of 2017, the participants who completed the program received certificates from Dr. Suthiweth T.Saengchantara, Director of Department of Science Service, joined by Ms. Urawan Oengaew, Director of Community Technology Office, Department of Science Service.


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