PSU and Songkhla Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) opened Hydroponics Vegetable Learning Center

27 July 2017

       On June 28th of 2017, PSU and Songkhla Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) together opened Hydroponics Vegetable Learning Center at Ko Taeo Pittayasan School, Ko Taeo Subdistrict, Amphoe Mueang, Sonkhla Province.

       Assistant Professor Taweesak Niyombandith, Dean of Faculty of Natural Resources, PSU Hat Yai, together with Mr. Nipon Bunyamanee, president of Songkhla PAO, opened up the hydroponics learning center to educate the public about hydroponics method and create jobs. Ko Taeo Pittayasan would become the first hydroponics center in Songkhla.

       Assistant Professor Taweesak explained that the learning center symbolizes a growing and continuing relationship between the college and Songkhla community. Prince of Songkla University has provided education to the community and will provide an integrated support to the center’s operation. The center aims to offer practical and tangible knowledge and training which are essential for students and farmers to thrive in the ever increasingly competitive market. Moreover, the center will also produce experienced graduates who will go on to create other innovations according to Thailand 4.0 government policy.

       The hydroponics center is led by Assistant Professor Dr. Supatra Davison and team, including Associate Professor Dr. Ashara Pengnoo, Ms. Trongluk Khabkong, both from Faculty of Natural Resources. The team also welcomes Mr. Ponchai Panarong, an independent hydroponics farmer in Songkhla, who serves as a student advisor to educate the students inside the classroom and practical knowledge in the field.

       The center is well-equipped with a set of production simulator, full-production materials, and planting plots that will yield crops continuously. The center provides hands-on learning of new technology to Ko Taeo Pittayasan students, from an environmentally production, plot design and landscape adjustment, plant selection, byproduct water and fertilizer, teamwork, research, and presentation.

       The hydroponics center has produced 30 plots of 96 plants each thus far. These high quality, toxic-free plants include green oak, red oak, and lettuce. The center operation is supervised entirely by Faculty of Natural Resources, PSU Hat Yai.

       Witnessed the signing of the center’s establishment were Associate Professor Dr. Chusak Limsakul, President of PSU; Mr. Sommai Kwanthongyim, Deputy Chief Executive of the province of Songkla; Assistant Professor Taweesak Niyombandith, Dean of Faculty of Natural Resources; and Mr. Noon Sai-ong, Principal of Ko Taeo Pittayasan school. The center’s highest aim is to bring excellence to Thailand’s agricultural technology and development.


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