Smart Andaman technology AR on mobile application for tourism

25Dec 2017

       Tourists emphasize using technology to plan their travel through new media on the internet and also smart phone or tablet devices. Began the development of application to facilitate travellers in Thailand including website, online social network, Facebook, and Twitter as means of communication and sharing information with other travellers.

       The trouble is information about tourism in Thailand has only been given broadly, offering very little about cultural spots or architecture especially specific detail about the unique Chino-Portugese architectural style. One of the technologies that support this new age tourism is Augmented Reality Technology facilitated by a smartphone or a tablet. Once tourists use the devices to scan the markers provided on publications such as brochure, newsletter, signage, etc., the information would be provided in form of messages, still or motion pictures, sound, animation, 3-D model, coupled with interactive media to enhance knowledge, experience, and entertainment while travelling.

      Objectives of the project/benefits

1. To provide information on the Southern Andaman coast

2. To increase brand awareness to tourism industry and to maintain as well as increase the volume of tourists on the Southern Andaman coast

3. To support the idea of Smart City per government’s policy

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rattana Wetprasit and Dr. Voravika Wattanasoontorn
Faculty of Technology and Environment, Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus
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