Mission & Vision

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RDO intent is to drive PSU toward excellence in research (We Serve research).

Core Value

RDO core value is ready to learn and change to achieve sustainable progress.


RDO vision is to serve as a research supporting unit that drives PSU to become an effective research university.



1. RDO organizes/develops a system and a mechanism that support PSU research management.

2. RDO facilitates effective and quality research process to achieve the goals.

3. RDO facilitates/promotes publications of research and application of the research results appropriate to the target groups or situations.

4. RDO supports/incubates special projects that serve as a basic foundation of PSU development toward becoming research university.


RDO has 15 following missions:

1. Incorporate PSU policy, direction and strategies to the operation of research units.

2. Promote integrated research with graduate program to strengthen support to each other.

3. Researchers development in various aspects such as research management, research proposal development, research report process, create new researchers and researcher etiquette, etc.

4. Locate and provide funding from internal and external sources.

5. Create a system in which researchers have access to research grants and developing research proposals that would access research grant from national and international sources, including other types of support.

6. Research Information Technology system.

7. Research Fund management.

8. Promote research publications such as creating PSU Journal.

9. Publicize and promoting research results for further uses.

10. Categorize research results and employ accelerated operation in research benefits and intellectual property management.

11. Create Network/Cluster on and off campus and with other countries.

12. Nurture or incubate research group to help develop and strengthen toward Research Center and Center of Excellence.

13. Facilitate collaboration with outside organizations/local community/industry including searching research questions, conducting joint research and the utilization of research results.

14. Follow up, evaluate and conduct quality assurance for PSU research.

15.  Other operations responding to PSU research policies.