Prof. Dr. Soottawat Benjakul, Faculty of Agro-Industry ranked Highly Cited Researchers from Clarivate Analytics 7 years in a row

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    RDO congratulates Prof. Dr. Soottawat Benjakul, Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, PSU for ranking Highly Cited Researchers 7 years in a row in Agricultural Sciences category since 2015-2021.


     Prof. Dr. Soottawat Benjakul is one of the forefront researchers of the university with outstanding abilities, until being accepted both nationally and globally, which guaranteed by many researches and awards.

     The researches that Prof. Dr. Soottawat focuses on are 2 branches, which are seafood quality and the utilization of waste materials from aquatic animal processing.

     In term of teaching, Prof. Dr. Soottawat Benjakul is a professor who takes care of both domestic students and also foreign students. According to the idea of Prof. Dr. Soottawat who think teaching and research should be handled concurrently.



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