First time in Thailand – PSU researchers collaborated with private sector to develop the PSU COVID-19 diagnose set with rapid result

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    PSU collaborated with private sector, including Energy Absolute Public Company Limited, Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, Somapa Information Technology Public Company Limited, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, BCPG Public Company Limited, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Lao Airlines, and Pisona Tour Co., Ltd. to develop the PSU COVID-19 diagnose set by Asst. Prof. Dr. Theerakamol Pengsakul, Dr. Jidapa Szekely, Dr. Piyawut Swangphon, Dr. Teerapat Nualnoi, Dr. Natthaphon Na Nakorn, and Dr. Paweena Wongwitwichot from Faculty of Medical Technology and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This diagnose set is for screening people in risk groups which only takes 15 minutes.

    The standard of diagnosing COVID-19 usually needs professional medical staff to interpret the results, and takes about 2-3 hours. The equipment is expensive and inconvenience for fieldwork. Moreover, the staff who collects the samples will have a high risk to infect the virus.


     The PSU COVID-19 diagnose set can screen people in risk groups. It can identify which stage the patients are. This diagnose set still can give the results even though the patients had been infected but have recovered.  The testing used immunochromatography (ICT) method which is widely used to diagnose and it only takes 15 minutes. It can be use with sample of blood from a fingertip, plasma or serum. All these samples have very little amount of virus, so it can also decrease the infection of the staff from the patients.






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