PSU invented a low-cost UV sterilization box for bank notes and personal gears

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     Asst. Prof. Dr. Jumphon Chuenjitsiri, Vice President for Legal and Academic Services, PSU stated that PSU was aware of COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, the research team had coordinated with the professors of Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering to solve this problem in an easy way with small investment.

     Accordingly, the team invented UV sterilization box for bills using ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation from UV lamps, which can be purchased from general electronics stores. The box is either a handmade paper box or a ready to use box. To use, one just place the bills in and close the lid, then wait for 15 seconds to sterilize. The procedures are so simple that anyone can do it themself. Each box costs around 600-1,000 baht.


     However, PSU is collaborating with Luangpratanrajnikorn Industrial and Community College, and Hatyai Technical College to produce more UV sterilization boxes for other people as well.




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