Faculty of Environmental Management, PSU Developed 3D Fabric Face Masks

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     Faculty of Environmental Management, PSU developed sterilized 3D fabric face masks (EnviTrap) for medical staff.

     Dr. Khamphe Phoungthong, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Management, PSU declared that the 3D face masks can prevent spray, droplets, and germs. They also can absorb secretions of the users.

     EnviTraps are 3-layer fabric face masks that can prevent COVID-19 and minute dust. Faculty of Environmental Management will deliver 3,000 EnviTraps within April 20, 2020 to the medical staffs in Songkhla and 3 southern border provinces of Thailand where a lot of infected people live. The goal of production is 15,000 pieces.

     Currently, the research team is in the process of developing a filter under the standard of N95. The filters are made of Biochar from corn cob to reduce importing the filters from overseas and add value to agricultural waste.


Source: https://www.psu.ac.th/th/node/9511



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