Research Funds

Calling research proposals for ‘University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Research Net 2018


        The secretariat office for UMAP, Japan is inviting researchers to submit a research proposal for ‘UMAP Research Net 2018’ program in order to work together for a complete proposal in the subjects that are in line with UMAP targets. Each chosen proposal will be granted up to 5,000 USD.

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Food Innovation and Research Institute is accepting conceptual proposals


     The Food Innovation and Research Institute (FiRiN) is accepting conceptual proposals focusing on continuing research and development based on pre-existing works and applied researches with business potential or those with values in  solving community/industrial issues. Preference is placed on projects with concrete aims in one of these categories;

Continuing development from previous work

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2018 Post-doctoral Fellowship Program for Foreign Researcher in South Korea


     The National Research Council of Thailand is announcing grants for post-doctoral researchers who want to pursue their studies in Korea for 6-12 months in Natural Science and Engineering. The program is held to support foreign researchers for their opportunity to develop their knowledge and gain experience in science and technology by pursuing their own research interest with Korean researchers.

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Thailand Research Fund (TRF) is calling for proposals under the cooperative project between Thai-France for the fiscal year 2019-2020


       The Office of Higher Education is inviting academias and researchers in the university level to submit proposals for a bilateral exchange program. Budget, not exceeding 150,000 THB/project/year, will be given for a 2-year project. The program is co-funded by Thai-OHE and France under the Franco-Thai Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research/Franco-Thai Molility Programme/PHC-SIAM) with the main objectives to develop human resources in mutually assigned subjected and to built networking between Thai and France universities.

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