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1. Office of Thailand Research Fund

The Office of Thailand Research Fund has a mission to support creating knowledge, researchers and research system to answer questions and propose alternatives to the society. Therefore, the Office supports researchers in educational institution, public and private sector, and community to conduct research. The grants are as follow:

(1) Academic Research Grant, consists of 2 categories:

a. Creative Basic Research

- Research group (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Outstanding research professor

- Research that produces new knowledge as a basis for development (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Researcher development (Advanced Research Scholar)

- Research by mid-level professor (National Research and Development in collaboration with The Office of Higher Education Commission)

- Research by Young professor (National Research and Development in collaboration with The Office of Higher Education Commission)

- New researchers

b. Strategic Basic Research Project

Providing support to a set of research projects to create basic research 
foundation for national development strategy

- Research projects on herbs, medicines and health supplements

- Research projects to promote sustainable agriculture, post-harvest knowledge and food processing

(2) Research and Development Fund

    emphasizes practical application of research, divided into 5 sections:

- National policy and international relation

- Agriculture

- Public welfare

- Community

- Industry

(3) Local Development Grant

       Provides support to research projects that provide answer to questions from the community with the community taking part in the research process.

(4) The Royal Jubilee Ph. D. Program
       The program’s mission is to strengthen Thailand’s research system and increase potential for competition by increasing number of Ph.D. researchers. The Program has set a goal in phase 1 (1998-2012) to produce 5,000 Ph.D. researchers with 5,000 research projects; in phase 2 (2008-2022) to produce 20,000 Ph.D. researchers with 20,000 research projects.

More details at www.trf.or.th

2. National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

NSTDA plays an important role in science and technology development or innovation in Thailand. The types of research that would qualify for grant from NSTDA are as follow:

- Research that aims for commercial or public use

- Research that is valuable in the academic area and develops science and technology of the country

- Research that improves quality, productivity and values of national resources

NSTDA Grants include:

a. NSTDA Chair Professor

      The grant aims to create a “chief professor” who is a leader in research and development in science and technology and connecting them to manufacturing and service sectors. The grant supports a research that will enhance competition in the industrial or service sector or overall development of the country. In 2011, there are categories of the grant:

- Alternative energy and Energy efficiency

- Material science appropriate to Thailand

- Environment

- Health science

b. Research Leader Grant

    The grant has the following purposes:

- to create strong research group that performs with effective teamwork. To continuously develop researchers and connect everyone from the students level to the senior researcher level.

- To create the sense of belonging and linking knowledge to manufacture, service or social sector.

- To inspire research projects that are highly-influential to the economic or social development, emphasize projects that are in line with 4 Cluster technology program of NSTD.

More details at www.nstda.or.th 

3. National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

NECTEC has established a network of public and private educational institutions by way of researchers from these institutions collaborate on a research and provide results to the private sector for further development. NECTEC serves as a coordination unit. This grant is named development research and engineering grant.

More details, visit www.nectec.or.th

4. National Metal and Materials technology Center (MTEC)

MTEC research and development grant is called MTEC Basic Technology Program, which is a NSTD integrative program following 2007-2012 MTEC strategy in 8 industrial clusters of the country. The strategy aims to connect all educational and professional laboratories in Thailand and other countries to develop a national technology roadmap. MTEC is accepting proposal submission of computer technology development projects for engineering and production design (c1-30).

More details at www.mtec.or.th

5. National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)

BIOTEC provides funding to 3 main programs – Genome technology Program, Microbiology Technology Program and Agricultural Biology Technology Program.

More details at www.biotec.or.th

6. National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC)

NANOTEC is a NSTD unit supports researchers to create knowledge or technology, based on Nanotechnology Platform, which could create or develop prototype technology, receive patent or be published in international publications. A qualifying research must fit into 3 technology platforms including 1) Nano Coating Technology 2) Nano Encapsulation Technology and 3) Functional Nanostructure.

More details at www.nanotec.or.th

7. Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy. (EPPO)

EPPO supports research projects that promotes energy conservation, which is divided into 3 plans, including renewable energy development plan, energy efficiency plan, strategic development plan.

More details at www.eppo.go.th

8. Office of Health Fund

The Office of Health Fund supports collaboration among individuals, organizations and communities to achieve wellbeing of Thai people, in all four aspects, including body, mind, intellect, social. The office also aims to support positive health habits among the citizens.

In the budget year of 2012, the Office offers health promotion project grant from October 1, 2011, till June 30, 2012.

More details at www.thaihealth.or.th

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