Predicting Efficiency of Brain Abscess Treatment


      Brain abscess is caused by an infection of the brain. High-risk patients are those suffer from left to right shunt congenital heart diseases, sinus infection, or immune deficiency. Fatality rate from brain abscess is 20%. Two effective treatments are antibiotics and surgery. Treatment results depend on several factors including the patient’s condition and type of infection such as gram-negative bacteria or mold.

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Color Blinder Assistant Application for Android


      Color blindness occurs when one or more of the color cone cells in the retina are absent, not working, or detect a different color than normal causing the inability to distinguish or misidentify certain colors. These dysfunctions could disrupt the daily routine. The Color Blinder Assistant Application for Android was thus developed. The App consists of 3 main menus – Color Naming, Color Learning, and Color Testing.

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Standing frame for children with developmental delay


       Children who cannot support their own neck at 3 months or not roll over to crawl at 9 months often lack strength in the limbs. This is a condition of developmental delay. A standing frame, which supports standing position, provides improvement to circulation, equilibrium of the upper boy, and indirect psycho-social benefit to these children. However, the frame is usually imported hence cost-prohibitive. As a result, the families cannot always afford to have it at home and end up having to travel to the hospital for therapy sessions under supervision.

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“Jonjon” natural rubber paint


       Jonjon is a natural rubber paint developed to demonstrate how useful rubber can be. Jonjon can safely be used in classroom, has no odor, and is safe for children. It can be painted on smooth surfaces like mirror, cloth, etc. Learning curve can be tracked through experimentation and observation such as if the paint may take longer to dry if applied in thicker layer and why the outer layer seems dry while the inside is still wet, how long it would take for thin layer of paint to dry, or the difference when applying on various surfaces, for example.

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Banana bract packaging materials


       Gutlee Community Enterprising Group is a gathering of youths and housewives residing in Baan Parae, Moo 2, Tambol Barahom, Muang, Pattanee province. They are called “Banana bract handicraft” as they make banana bract or other parts, especially from Tanee banana, into products like purses, boxes, etc.

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