Smart Street Light and Builing


      Smart Street and Building is an application of Core Technology Street Light based on two research projects 1) IoT Thing Platform which links material, human, animals, and objects through an intelligent internet network and 2) PSU IoT Gateway which interconnects a network of things with the internet like a linkage that can be used inside and outside a building.

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Rhinacanthus nasutus solution via green extract to heal fungal skin diseases


      Herbal extract of Rhinacanthus nasutus, commonly known as snake jasmine, has been listed in Thailand National Medicinal Archive since the 2011 issue to the most current one of 2015 to be an ingredient of “Rhinacanthus Tincture” with property to heal fungal skin diseases such as ring worm and Athlete’s foot

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PSU-ARDA Minirhizotron


      Minirhizotron is an effective below-ground camera system designed to study plant root growth and calculate the dynamic of root change year round without damaging the plant. Past method involved digging down through the entire length of the roots which is time-consuming and labor-intensive but damaging the plant. For this reason, Minirhizotron is now popularly adopted for study of physiology of plants as well as a plague like white root disease caused by Rigidoporus microporus which is widerspread in the southern of Thailand.

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High-fat Fungus Biodiesel from lignocellulosic waste


      In Thailand, the demand for fuel has risen following rapid increase of population. Because most fuel is exported, Thai economy suffers. Recently, biodiesel, which can be produced domestically from plant oil, is thought to becoming the next source of fuel. But the raw material is not sufficiently pacifying the rising demands hence the pressing need for new quality raw materials. Apparently, oil from fungus offers potential. 

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Harmful health effects from juice, iced tea, coffee, and sugary drinks


      Sugary and fructose drinks present myriad harmful effects on health such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, paralysis, kidney failure, macular degeneration, Alzheimer, knee pain, premature aging and death. It is imperative that consumers better understand these effects to help them make careful choices for themselves, family, and community.

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