Biodegradable rubber nursery bag to reduce global warming

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      Biodegradable rubber nursery bags are creation of Mr. Nuttawee Buakaew, a 24-year-old owner of Greensery. This product does not only resolve dropping latex price and increase value of rubber but also preserve the environment. This outstanding innovation won Bangchak YY business plan contest and went on to represent Thailand in Social Business Forum Asia, Tokyo, Japan.

       Mr. Buakaew graduated from PSU with a degree in Production Engineering. The journey began when he assisted his sister’s project on water-absorbed rubber nursery bag. He was then inspired to further the research by signing up with the SME D Scaleup Rubber Innovation, under advisement of PSU. The program provided him with invaluable guidance from the PSU Science Park team of experts throughout the development of such product.

       The young innovator explains that the process of making the biodegradable rubber nursery bags is as simple as that of making latex gloves. The process involves dip forming, molding, forming formula, and the oven. Rubber makes up over 50% of the entire process. The final product is made of food-grade ingredients, making it environmentally-friendly.

       There are currently two types of products – one similar to that of the plastic type, the other is a brand new design that fits into nursery trays. The new design has been on high demand as it requires less time and causes less damage to the plants during the transfer but embedded with N P K nutrients necessary for the young plants. Overall, the Biodegradable rubber nursery bags reduce time, watering rate, and fertilizers needed for the process. The bags also benefit to the rubber farmers.

       On demand for these bags are seedling or breeding companies, agricultural equipment entrepreneurs, farmers, and environmental-conscious folks. Since the creation was fairly new, the production was done at latex glove factories during the first few years. The biodegradable bags have only been on sale since April of this year.

       Regarding marketing, Mr. Buakaew informs that due to its newness and uniqueness, the product has not yet been widely known thus currently relies on word of mouth. Allowing farmers around the south of Thailand to try out these bags and showcasing at various agricultural fairs have helped with the promotion. Most importantly, the product gaining a lot of buzz at Social Business Forum Asia, Tokyo, Japan, proves that the bags can not only do well in Thailand but can potentially succeed in the international market.

       There are now online and offline avenues to purchase the bags. Mr. Buakaew confirms that these bags are first to be made in Thailand. He is also quite certain there has not been any other innovation like it in the world. Current production only offers nursery tray bags in various sizes. These bags are proper for plants that are 3 months old and up as well as ornamental plants.



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